Sharia Violence

The UN has standards for some, but not others.

Sharia Violence
Photo by Eric Ward / Unsplash
UN Called to Respond to Sharia Violence against Women
“Sharia-linked violence is inflicted upon women in the Middle East, Africa, Europe, and Asia. This includes the recent extreme sexual violence committed against Israeli women in October 2023 by Hamas proven by the UN; the infliction of sexual slavery on


E-scooters and e-bikes are on the rise. Will we ever walk again? | The Spectator Australia
In 2022, Utrecht (Holland) was ranked the world’s most bike-friendly city. Australia seems keen to compete, with the number of cyclists increasing and cycle paths becoming a must-have for eco…
Queensland LNP vows to ditch ‘detention as last resort’ approach to youth crime
Opposition leader David Crisafulli says LNP would rewrite Youth Justice Act ‘to put victims first’ if it wins October election


Ramaswamy in Italy: Conservatives Must Offer Platform of Sovereignty to Win ‘War’ for ‘Soul of the West’
Vivek Ramaswamy called on conservatives to offer a multi-layered vision of sovereignty to win the “war” for the “soul of the West.”
Nigel Farage to Newsmax: US Untrustworthy Under Biden
There are people at the diplomatic level in Britain who have reservations about trusting the U.S. under President Joe Biden, Nigel Farage, a British politician who led the Brexit movement, told Newsmax Monday.
UN envoy accuses Israel of ‘genocide’ in Gaza
Israeli actions in Gaza qualify as genocide on at least three grounds, UN Human Rights Council expert Francesca Albanese has said

Business, Finance & Investment

CEOs Rank National Debt as the Top Geopolitics Threat in 2024
Global uncertainty could play an outsized role, but the United States has an urgent need to reduce and address debt, say experts.
How Good Relationships Can Save You Lots Of Money
Now that I’m on a quest to save money and improve my cash flow, I’ve stumbled upon some new ways to save that I hadn’t really considered before. Let me share with you my latest realization about how good relationships can help you save money. One of my expenses is a $180/month private sports club
Goldman Says Commodities to Gain as Central Banks Cut Rates
(Bloomberg) -- Commodities will advance this year as central banks in the US and Europe move to reduce interest rates, helping to support industrial and consumer demand, according to Goldman Sachs Group Inc.Most Read from BloombergTrump Bond Cut By 68% to $175 Million as He Appeals NY FineTrump Facing Moment of Truth for Finances in Manhattan CourtAfter Exposing Realtors, Eliminate the Mortgage Interest DeductionBoeing CEO to Step Down in Overhaul Sparked by Safety CrisisRaw materials may return


The Commoner World After Conservatism 3.0
What on Earth is going on? We have GOP congressmen quitting early. Rep. Mike Gallagher (R-WI) resigned last week, and Rep. Ken Buck (R-CO) resigned the week before. Then there is MTG trying to blow up the House of Representatives with a motion to vac…
The Delusional Feminist Power Fantasy Relies On Male Charity And Tolerance -
By Brandon Smith These days we hear a lot about the concept of the “male power fantasy,” usually in reference…
Starting To Notice That The Energy Transition Is Not Happening
We should abandon the fantasy of phasing out oil and gas and instead invest in them adequately reflecting realistic demand assumptions,” he said. . . . “All this strengthens the view th…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Rebounds to $70K: Sharks and Whales Ignite Buying Frenzy
Bitcoin fights off trend reversal fears as high-net-worth investors push price back above USD $70K after a huge day of trading.


Video: Trump Calls NYC Persecution a ‘Witch Hunt’ and a ‘Hoax’ While Entering Court
45th President Trump called Alvin Bragg’s persecution campaign against him in NYC a ‘witch hunt’ and a ‘hoax’ as he entered a court hearing.

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