Servitude is Coming

The 'servitisation' agenda of the World Economic Forum is economic slavery and the advance of global socialism.

Servitude is Coming

There are certain warning signs we all need to be mindful of.

Like when someone appears in your life and says ‘I’m from the government and I’m here to help you’.

Another is any organisation with the term ‘world’ in their name.

Let’s start with the World Health Organisation.

That’s the body that gave China a free pass on the Wuhan flu while banking $500 million by issuing pandemic bonds. That’s right, the WHO was scheduled to repay investors around $500 million in early 2020, unless of course a pandemic was declared.

The investors loss became the WHOs gain.

Then there’s the World Food Programme. It too is part of the UN and won the Nobel peace prize in 2020.  It sounds pretty impressive until you remember that Barack Obama won it in 2008 just for having the right skin colour.

Despite spending $8bn every year on ‘hunger’ and ‘strengthening resilience against climate change’ there are still 850 million undernourished people in the world and around 780 million obese people. Clearly we need more food socialism.

We also have the World Meteorological Organisation. It has a crew of 200 and publishes an annual Status of the World Climate report casting horror scenarios about greenhouse gasses, climate change, sea level rise and sea ice.

The 2019 report essentially said the Australian bushfires of that year were due to climate change ( and not arsonists or the Greens insistence on terrible land management).

By the way, according to the WMO climate change is also responsible for drought, floods, storms and ‘weather related damage’. Makes you wonder what caused them before the industrial revolution…or before mankind for that matter.

We are also fortunate enough to have a World Tourism Organisation which has a ‘One Planet Vision’ for responsible tourism. These include the vital buzzwords ‘social inclusion and ‘climate action’.

It even has some hashtags #responsiblerecovery and #buildbackbetter and boasts that shutting down the world economy this past year reduced CO2 emissions by a whopping 8%.

Only 92% to go before we are back living in caves but saving the planet.

We shouldn’t forget the World Trade Organisation. With lofty goals espousing free trade, it’s real mission seems to be not holding China to the same integrity requirements as the rest of the world in the realm of intellectual property protection and trade tariffs.

Thank goodness it has the goal to ‘reduce inequality’;  which is socialist speak for taking from the productive and giving to the non productive. Someone should tell them that never works.

For those unable to sustain the rigour of the real world, there is always a refuge in the World Vegetable Centre.

This esteemed body devoted 20 years to researching the sweet potato before giving it away due to high costs.

It now focuses on ‘looking to the wild relatives of domesticated crops to save the human diet from climate change’.

Wow! If only we never cultivated crops the world would be better off…but what about those hungry people I mentioned earlier….wouldn’t they be even hungrier?

Anyway, are you starting to see a common theme with all these international bodies….here’s a clue….save the planet from climate change.

All these ‘authorities’ are pushing an agenda to decarbonise, deindustrialise and disempower the western world. They are part of a concerted plan to redesign capitalism in a new image.

It’s spearheaded by the grand daddy NGO of them all – the World Economic Forum.

The WEF is the architect of the Great Reset and the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

They coined the BuildBackBetter hashtag that is proving so popular with big government elites across the globe.

They even predict that by 2030 'You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy'

They call is ‘servitisation’ – which is a term and an agenda that looks a lot like servitude.

The WEF claim this servitude, sorry I mean servitisation will ‘help save the planet’ and ‘assist the post Covid-19 recovery’. There’s that common thread again.

However, servitisation begs the question…if you don’t own anything…who will actually own what you are renting?

The answer lies within the WEF premier forum Davos. That’s the gathering of global elites including big business CEO’s industry, government leaders, bureaucrats and multi-billionaires with political agendas.

Under the WEF vision, the Davos attendees will own what you’ll be renting. And trust me, it won’t be a philanthropic enterprise. They’ll all be looking to make more money and to take more control of your life under the guise of equality.

By reducing you to a mere user rather than an owner, the world does become more equal as it will concentrate power, authority and money in the hands of the few while the rest of us become mere economic vassals for these oligarchs.

Make no mistake, servertisation is just a new name for economic slavery. It’s socialism on a global scale.

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