Secret Police

There's more to come from China's secret police service. Here's your daily news digest for 20 April 2023.

Secret Police
Photo by Scott Rodgerson / Unsplash
Chinese Police Stations ‘Just the Tip of the Iceberg,’ Expert Says
Michael Cunningham discusses the arrests of two New York City residents accused of involvement with a Chinese “overseas police station.”


Lidia Thorpe hits back as PM suggests health issues could be behind strip club altercation
The senator called Anthony Albanese’s comments ‘insulting’ after video circulated of her in an expletive-laden argument with several men
Energy Vandalism and Impossible Dreams – Quadrant Online
The real Liberal renewal needed to save Australia from identity politics | The Spectator Australia
The Liberal Party is at a low ebb, out of office across mainland Australia. Its vacillating, timid lack of self-confidence is disappointing its core supporters. Paul Kelly, writing in The Weekend…


Macron Bows to China
The respected German observer of American-European relations Josef Joffe has noted “Envy [is] the motive for resentment… with America embodying the might and glory Europe no longer has and therefore pretends to disdain.” “Pre…
After Feared Global Food Shortage, Rift in EU Emerges Over Grain Glut | The Libertarian Institute
Poland and Hungary will pause imports of Ukrainian grain. The European Union’s agricultural policies in response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine have caused a glut of wheat in Central Europe, harming the region’s farmers.
Biden Has Abandoned the Middle East to China and Russia
In the absence of any desire on the part of the Biden administration to support the Saudis -- for decades one of Washington’s most important allies in the region -- China has moved quickly to fill the diplomatic vacuum to launch its own initiative to

Business, Finance & Investment

On the Brink of Recession | National Review
There doesn’t need to be a recession to tame inflation, but it looks as if there will be.
‘There’s no reason to wait’: Sell US stocks now before the S&P 500 tanks by over 20%, strategist says
“This is a golden opportunity to use this bear-market rally to de-risk in advance of potentially very painful losses over the next six, nine, 12 months,” Troy Gayeski said.


Trump-Appointed Judge Overturns Berkeley, California’s Natural Gas Ban
A Trump-appointed Judge has overturned an attempt by the City of Berkeley, California to ban gas appliances by banning gas supply lines.
Sliding into a dystopian future everywhere
Sliding into a dystopian future everywhere. By the Z-Man. Elite over production … argues that social unrest is often caused by too many potential elite members for the number of elite positio…
Rubio: The Left is ‘Allergic’ to Law and Order - The American Conservative
State of the Union: In a recent piece for Compact, Sen. Marco Rubio explains the American right’s interest in President Nayib Bukele, whom he visited recently in El Salvador.

Crypto & Blockchain

Intel Discontinues Bitcoin Mining Chip Series
The production of the so-called Blocksale chips was announced about a year ago.
Coinbase Gears Up For Lengthy Court Battle With The SEC
Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has warned that the cryptocurrency exchange faces a multi-year court battle with the SEC.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


Unborn Children Deserve The Right To Trust Their Mother
The doctor did not ask us for our baby’s name or sex. She never referred to our baby at all. She merely told us, ‘The heartbeat might stop.’

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