Save the Whales

Green groups are turning their backs on whales to prioritise wind farms. That comes at a huge cost to the whale population.

Save the Whales
Photo by Vivek Kumar / Unsplash

Before it became popular, it used to be just the greenies who wanted to save the whales.

Now we’re almost all on board; except for those hungry whale hunting Norwegians and Japanese researchers;  and the Green movement.

That’s right, the Greenies have been accused of abandoning the whales for wind farms.

According to the founder of Greenpeace Patrick Moore, the environmental group is "betraying its principles by pushing junk science as whales die”

Moore claims that sonar testing associated with offshore wind farms has seen a 400% increase in humpback whale deaths.

He also claims the endangered north Atlantic Right whales, of which there are only around 400, have also been affected.

Moore writes:

“…a 400% increase in whale deaths, coincident with the sonar program, should cause environmentalists such as those at Greenpeace to swing into action and spend some of their hundreds of millions on a thorough research program.

Instead, they are doing nothing. Well, they do cruise around in their $30 million yacht, which they call a “sailing vessel” even though there is a 1,850-horsepower diesel engine in the hold that provides the main propulsion.“

Moore makes a reasonable point.

One would think the whale savers would be up in arms about these cows of the sea being crucified at the altar of green energy.

But we aren’t hearing anything of the sort? Actually the silence at this sonar slaughter is almost deafening.

He’s also right to point out the whopping 1850 horsepower diesel engine powering the ecofreaks ‘sailing vessel’.

He claims the Green group is now siding with machines over life and left the group when it began to declare humans as the ‘enemy of the earth’.

That sort of language is now apparent in green groups across the globe, including among the motley crew gaggled together in our parliament.

They paint themselves as the saviours of the planet but in reality their agenda is an anti-human one.

Now it turns out they are anti-whale as well.

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