Societies that give up on freedom will soon find it replaced by violence

Photo by Utsman Media / Unsplash
The normalisation of savagery
Societies that give up on freedom will soon find it replaced by violence.


Treasurer Jim Chalmers concedes Australia risks missing its climate targets
The treasurer admits that Australia is on track to fall short of its climate targets without more money invested, quicker construction of renewables projects, and better regulation.
The Australia-Israel relationship has turned sharply south under this Labor Government
The Australia-Israel relationship has turned sharply south under this Labor Government. By David Adler. While Jews in Australia date back to the First Fleet, there was an influx after the second wo…
Coles subjecting employees to bag checks in crackdown on some of Australia’s lowest paid workers
Staff who refuse can be fired according to the supermarket chain’s policy, as workers in Victoria prepare to strike on Friday


Ukraine Is Set to Make Lobby Push in US for More Weapons and Training | The Libertarian Institute
Ukraine and some European countries are ramping up a lobbying push in the US to get Americans to back more aid to Kiev. Ukrainian officials are seeking new long-range rockets and accelerated training programs. The propaganda push comes after a Time magazine article portrayed Kiev in disarray and a h…
The New Global Anti-Semitism
The global banner of anti-Semitism is once again being unfurled in a rage of rhetorical madness unleashed by the flailing Iranian theocracy. The growing success of the Abraham Accords that is slowly and steadily undermining the pathological consensus…

Business, Finance & Investment

The Global Risks of Debt Unsustainability
October 26, 2023 | OPINION | By Zoraiz Zafar Much to the chagrin of the plethora of economic “gloomers” who had been long predicting an impending financial crisis – as promised by Jerome Powell’s F…
7 misconceptions about investing for wealth
Myths about property investment abound, and knowing the difference between fact and fiction can set good investors apart from the crowd.


The Right Is Out Of Love With Capitalism
It says a great deal about the current time that in London this week at one of the biggest gatherings of centre-right politicians, commentators and academics since World War II, Antonio Gramsci was mentioned more times than Adam Smith.
Columbia professors’ pro-Israel statement responds to colleagues’ anti-Semitic letter
Columbia University faculty have issued a statement supporting Israel after dozens of their colleagues signed a letter stating that Hamas has a right to resist.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Top Analyst Says a Bitcoin Breakout Could ‘Suck the Life’ out of Altcoins – Here Are His Targets for BTC
A widely followed crypto trader is warning that altcoins face a bearish outlook in the event that Bitcoin (BTC) reaches new local highs. Pseudonymous analyst Bluntz tells his 226,000 followers on the social media platform X that the reason altcoins have performed well is that Bitcoin has traded in a…


DoorDash Tells Customers to Tip when Ordering or Their Fries Will Be Cold
DoorDash has implemented a new feature in its app, urging customers to tip when ordering instead of on delivery to avoid delays. According to the company, orders that don’t include a pre-tip are likely to take longer and result in cold fries and warm drinks.

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