Sacrificing All for the Cause

While some will give their all to a political cause, others will remain silent until they emerge to claim to be on the winning side. The latter are not worthy of our support.

Sacrificing All for the Cause
Photo by Michael Dziedzic / Unsplash

It's referendum week, and I was pleased to be able to lodge my No vote early.

It felt really good to do so, and I'm also happy to tell anyone and everyone how I voted.

That's different from my regular voting pattern. Rather than specifics, when it comes to a general election, I am much more 'general' in my discussions.

That's because one lesson of politics I learned early was that you can't really change someone's mind about their preferred political team.

Most of you will know that I think the major parties are much of a muchness anyway.

One may be considered slightly less harmful than the other, but both have done an immense disservice to our country recently.

That's why I now lean toward the less government is more freedom mantra.

I'll also never vote for anyone who unquestioningly signed up for the COVID con that traduced our civil liberties.

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