Rules for Thee, But Not for Me

Having experienced the Australian Greens' conduct personally, I am not shocked by their ongoing hypocrisy. It's Marxism 101.

Rules for Thee, But Not for Me

The hypocrisy of members of the Greens political party knows no bounds.

Their parliamentary members are usually accusing others of what they themselves are guilty of.

That duplicity covers almost all areas from gender stereotyping through to racism and anti-capitalism.

Some years ago, the Green Senator Larissa Waters was railing against gender stereotyped toys for 'no-gender December', claiming they led to domestic violence and gender pay-gaps.

She said:

“Outdated stereotypes about girls and boys and men and women perpetuate gender inequality, which feeds into very serious problems such as domestic violence and the gender pay gap".

At the time I suggested she'd consumed too much Christmas Eggnog to come up with such a half-baked idea.

This was just a few days before a photo of her young daughter wearing a stereotypical pink dress was unveiled.

Waters is not alone in her hypocrisy.

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