Rittenhouse Trial a Farce

It’s not often that we can look to a criminal trial overseas and use it to demonstrate almost everything that is wrong with the western world.

Rittenhouse Trial a Farce
Photo by Tingey Injury Law Firm / Unsplash

This is one such time.

The trial I am referring to is that of Kyle Rittenhouse. He’s the young man who went to defend life and liberty against the BLM rioters  and ended up shooting two people dead and injuring one other.

The episode received blanket media coverage condemning the young white male and using him as an example of white supremacy and systemic racism.

This was the same media who, while cities were being smashed up behind them, declared on camera that the riots were peaceful.

That cover-up was an indictment on the Democratic propaganda channels and the enabling by Democrat politicians was nothing short of shameful.

They excused the inexcusable in their rush to exploit a political opportunity.

But that pales in comparison to their treatment of Kyle Rittenhouse.

Joe Biden branded him a ‘white supremacist’ and the media accused him of making ‘white supremacist’ hand signals while at a bar.

That’s the same hand gesture that Biden’s used himself.

Are you starting to see a pattern here? Hypocrites everywhere.

The media and the political class are as dishonest as each other.

Here’s a US congressman and former lawyer ( Democrat of course) condemning the ‘prison industrial complex’ in June last year but then effectively convicting the 17 year old Rittenhouse without a trial.

This ‘journalist’ Tara Dublin even thought it ok to make rape jokes about Rittenhouse when he broke down on the stand.

The full level of hypocrisy wouldn’t be exposed without showing you here approach to others making rape jokes.

Unfortunately its not limited to these two people or even these two broad  groups of media and politicians.

The activist class and their enablers are all wandering around the field of hypocrisy with regular excursions into the enchanted forest of stupidity.

Let me explain that Rittenhouse has been charged with murdering two of these men and shooting the third.

Just because they all have criminal records isn’t an excuse but it does suggest a preparedness for breaking the law.

The survivor, Gaige Grosskreutz, who is seeking $10 million in compensation was on the stand earlier this week. His testimony was a compelling tale of why this entire trial is an injustice.

He lunged at Rittenhouse with a pistol and was asked asked if he had a permit to carry the gun. Here’s his response.

Another witness testified they ( and Rittenhouse) were threatened by the victims

While one person on the spot, put the prosecutor on the hot spot with some inconvenient truths.

I wish this farce ended there. Unfortunately it continues even though the prosecution crumbles under the weight of perfidy suppression and hopelessness.

Here’s one prosecutor cross examining another witness over their evidence.

This hapless lot even tried to manipulate the law in the courtroom, earning this stern rebuke from the judge.

It is a total farce and everyone involved in this disgraceful prosecution should hang their heads in shame.

But that is what we have been reduced to….not just in America but throughout the western world.

We have mob justice led by the politicians, media and deep state apparatchiks,

They destroy characters without compunction. They ignore facts in pursuit of their zealotry. They exploit any opportunity to mislead and deceive if it will further their cause.

It’s a disgrace and the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse is just the latest public example.

Last week I told you of the Clinton Campaign’s fabrication of the Russia gate documents against Donald Trump.  We’ve seen the Hunter Biden laptop coverup and the bridge between the Biden family and the Chinese Communist Party.

We haven’t read much about the Clinton Foundation fundraising fortune or Bill Clinton’s friendship with paedophile Geoffrey Epstein.

The repeated contradictions of Tony Fauci receive scant mainstream media coverage. Nor for that matter does the inconsistencies in the memoirs of Lisa Wilkinson or other celebrity wokesters.

And don’t get me started on the corruption in some of our state governments that is almost unquestioned.

It all goes to show how the system is stacked against you..and the rest of the normal people out there.

As the world changes for the worse, the regular man and woman, those concerned for their jobs, the wellbeing of their families, the quality of education, the values and virtues that have stood the rest of time are the real losers.

If we, the people, dare speak up against this stich up, we become a target for the lefts character assassination and cancellation.

While the Rittenhouse trial may seem a world away from the problems we have in this country, it is merely the public face of the battles we face every day.

Sure, it’s not about guns or murders but it is about the power of the establishment working against the interests of the ordinary citizen in favour of furthering their own poisonous narrative.

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