Revolution for the Public Good

Every revolution has been claimed for the 'public good'. Few of them actually are. The Great Reset agenda is merely more of the same.

Revolution for the Public Good

You may have heard about the Great Reset.

That’s the agenda of global elites to remake capitalism in their image and takes its name from the 50th annual conference of the World Economic Forum.

The advocates use phrases like build back better and if you listen closely enough, you’ll hear political leaders all over the world parrot the mantra.

It’s hardly a coincidence.

The Great Reset agenda, according to their website, is a three pronged attack on normality.

The first is about creating fairness.

Apparently this can be done through governments colluding together to impose similar tax and regulatory regimes across the world.

Then they need to promote more equitable outcomes which means wealth taxes, more expensive fossil fuels and new global rules about trade and global competition.

You can bet your bottom dollar these new rules aren’t be about increasing competition.

Now please don’t confuse this fairness agenda with communism.

I mean just because the Communist manifesto states that:

The introduction of free competition is thus public declaration that from now on the members of society are unequal .

It doesn’t mean the Great reset reduction in competition and promotion of fairness is modelled on the communist ideology.

Please do not let the facts get in the way of your opinion.  I repeat, the Great Reset is not new fangled communism.

The second component of the Great Reset is

“ensuring investments advance shared goals, such as equality and sustainability”.

That’s code for governments printing ship loads of money and using it to create a ‘new economic system’ while abandoning the old one… you know that pesky capitalism that made the west so prosperous.

Instead, the focus needs to be on ‘green’ urban infrastructure (too bad if you live in a regional area) while also giving free cash to private companies to improve their environmental and social scores.

Again, I don’t want you to confuse the great reset with communism.

Just because Marx wrote that communism would have to :

"Take the control of industry and of all branches of production out of the hands of mutually competing individuals, and instead institute a system in which all these branches of production are operated by society as a whole."

It doesn’t mean that governments giving trillions of dollars to their favourite corporate wokesters  to implement the great reset agenda, is a new version of communism.

Please, put that recurring thought out of your head….the Great Reset is not communism…it’s only a reset of society…and it’s great...isn't it?

The third and final priority of the great reset is a glorious fourth industrial revolution.

Not to be confused with any previous communist….sorry, community revolutions.

Unlike all revolutions before it, this one is actually a revolution to support the public good.

That's right, a revolution to support the public good...never heard that before.

It will be achieved by forcing those companies that meet their environmental and social scores (and hence are allowed to continue to operate), to work together in a concerted effort across every sector of the economy.

Now if that sounds a lot like a few smaller government funded companies effectively becoming one big government funded company….all for the public good mind you, you are starting to get the picture.

Again though, I need to point out that just because a goal of the communist manifesto is “the common utilisation of all instruments of production and the distribution of all products according to common agreement” , this has no similarity to the Great Reset agenda to reinvent capitalism.

Just because the words of Karl Marx and Klaus Schwab are very similar, only a bourgeois would think they mean the same thing.

I repeat. The great reset is not similar to communism in an way shape or form…not really…not entirely…not even a tiny little bit.

It can’t be, because communism has always been a total failure.

It is an inherently evil ideology that destroys human spirit, and only a power hungry elite, would ever advocate for its re-establishment in the western world.

That would never happen. There are no power hungry elites seeking to control your life.

You have total control and self-direction….except when you are told to stay at home by a health bureaucrat, or told not go out without your covid passport or to immediately shut down your business or cancelled for having impure thoughts.

They are all your decisions...for the public good.

So there you have it. The Great reset agenda is nothing like the communist manifesto and there is absolutely nothing for you to worry about because it is all for the public good.

I know that because Klaus Schwab, Joe Biden, Justin Trudeau, Bill Gates, Kamala Harris, Greta Thunberg and a whole bunch of other people tell me so.

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