The practice of resettlement and mass parole is unsustainable. Here's your daily news digest for 16 June 2023.

Photo by Michal Balog / Unsplash
The Hidden Costs of Refugee Resettlement - The American Conservative
There are hidden costs to America’s resettlement programs.


ABC political editor Andrew Probyn made redundant by national broadcaster
Probyn said he was told by the ABC they ‘no longer need a political editor and they want to reinvest the money into social and digital reporting roles’
A new pathway to prosperity
Tom Switzer’s chapter contribution, “A new pathway to prosperity,” in Harry Stutchbury’s (edited) Markets & Prosperity (Connor Court publishing, 2023), …
It’s The Constitution, It’s The Vibe… It’s Water Justice
Last August I wrote in these pages about the University of Melbourne’s campaign, ‘Undoing Australia’, which at its core seeks to dismantle the nation-state in order to right past wrongs, real or imaginary. This year, the federal government released a blueprint setting out how this might be achieved.…


Now California is criminalising parental love
California is turning into a trans dystopia in which families will be torn apart.
New Zealand’s great education decline - Marginal REVOLUTION
A growing proportion of children leave school unable to read an instruction manual or do basic maths. Over the last twenty years, our education system has slipped from being the envy of the world to barely mediocre. Kiwi students once ranked near the top of international education league tables. In…
Italy Mourns Silvio Berlusconi, Ex-Prime Minister Who Dominated Public Life | National Review
Berlusconi led the country as prime minister for nine years across three separate terms.

Business, Finance & Investment

My Regret Of Not Taking The Money Due To Company Loyalty
For those who follow golf, there was a blockbuster announcement that the PGA Tour would merge with the LIV Golf League. Nobody expected the PGA Tour to merge with LIV because the PGA Tour had been adamant in its disdain for the Saudi Arabia-backed league. The LIV Golf League offered obscene amounts…
Stocks & Gold Slump After Hawkish Fed Sends Rate-Hike Odds Soaring
...will Powell reverse all this?


ESG Dystopia: Why Corporations Are Doubling Down On Woke Even As They Lose Billions -
It’s been a bloodbath for the majority of companies that go overtly woke in the new era of American consumer…
Useless Political Definitions of Anti-Semitism
In a recent article, Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer beautifully communicates his disgust with the recent Biden Administration’s 60-page paper supporting three different definitions of anti-Semitism. Fischer and other Jewish organizations pre…
CNN, MSNBC and PBS Censor President Trump After Arrest
Corporate and government-funded news networks moved to censor President Trump as he addressed the nation after his arrest by the Biden DOJ.

Crypto & Blockchain

Crypto Lender Celsius Updates Bankruptcy Plan After Fahrenheit Deal
The plan, filed on Thursday, could face legal opposition from borrowers.
Binance launches Bitcoin mining cloud services amid SEC crackdown in the US
Binance’s BTC mining subscription service will be active for 180 days, or roughly six months. For each TH/s purchased, users will be able to earn 0.0004338 BTC during the timeline.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.


Sen. Cruz Puts ESG and DEI in the Crosshairs
‘BlackRock’s manipulation and brazen politicization of federal retirement accounts is wrong and should not be tolerated.’

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