Renting Sports for the Voice

When it comes to why people are advocating for The Voice it always pays to follow the money.

Renting Sports for the Voice
Photo by Daniel Anthony / Unsplash

You may have missed the news over the weekend that the Prime Minister is enlisting the support of some sporting stars to help push his Voice agenda.

Some of the names mentioned include Adam Goodes, Ash Barty,  Cathy Freeman and Jonathan Thurston.

There’s no word on whether these people have actually agreed to front the campaign. We also don’t know if any of the sports spruikers enlisted will be paid for promoting this divisive agenda.

Clearly, any campaign of this nature is a further extension of our national sporting codes being captured by politics and virtue signalling.

After all, most of them get a hefty chunk of taxpayers cash through various handouts and grants.

Our professional codes like the AFL, cricket, tennis and rugby league get millions in funding every year. It helps explain why they jump to support every politicised social agenda – it keeps the cash flowing – even if it infuriates the fans.

There’s barely a round that doesn’t feature one new cause or another. The players, regardless of their personal feelings, are virtually compelled to participate.

The rare few that dissent face a virtual public lynching, condemned for their crime of non-compliance.

Actually that’s not entirely accurate. Only some of them face that censure.

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