Renewable Credibility Gulf

The push for renewables is driven by ideology rather than realistic and achievable outcomes. The propaganda is powerful but disingenuous.

Renewable Credibility Gulf
Photo by insung yoon / Unsplash

Sometimes it is hard to get the real facts about the current push toward renewable energy.

Advocates, who usually have a financial interest in the transition away from fossil fuels, will often ignore or misrepresent the actual data to ensure it suits their cause.

While the truth will still be out there, it rarely attracts the attention that even the most inane claims about wind and solar power.

The most fanciful claims are usually left to the likes of Greta Thumburg or representatives of the marxist Greens Party; but they can also be made by supposedly credible political types too.

Labor's Chris Bowen is one of those establishment politicians now prone to making unrealistic boasts about the renewables scene.  

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