Radical Greens Killing the Golden Goose

Australia's primary production is under attack from enviro-zealots. Despite the government claiming to support mining and agriculture, they are funding the lawfare, undermining the viability of our primary producers.

Radical Greens Killing the Golden Goose
Photo by Raphael Rychetsky / Unsplash

Shadow Resources Minister Susan McDonald says Labor is “funding environmental activists” to challenge government decisions on mining and agricultural projects.

“This is crazy because Australia has a long history of being a primary production nation. It’s been the golden goose for Australia, but agriculture, growing food and fibre, is there anything more important in the world?

“We see countries like China and Russia trying to withhold the export of fertilisers because they know they’ll need them … to feed their people.”

Ms McDonald sat down with Mr Bernardi to discuss the green agenda and Australian agricultural issues surrounding the Albanese government.

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