Racist One Day, OK the Next

The racism of the left has suffered a blow when what they defined as 'hate speech' is uttered by one of their own.

Racist One Day, OK the Next

According to the left, claiming that 'all lives matter' is racist.  

I guess they would know how to spot racism as they are the major perpetrators of it. Their support for the looters and violent thugs masquerading as BLM protestors is a case in point.

So is their pushing of critical race theory, reinventing history and blaming individual failings on a person's skin colour or ancestry.

When One Nation leader Pauline Hanson moved a motion in the Australian Senate that 'All Lives Matter', it was rejected by a vote of 51 to 2.

Labor's Linda Burney  criticised Senator Hanson for attempting to move the motion.

"I think putting that motion forward is really provocative. We know that that slogan is [used by] the alt-right in America and we do not need to see this in this country.”

The Coalition spokesman, Matthia Cormann also said:

“That sentence when taken in isolation looks relatively straightforward but you've got to consider things in their context.

In the current context it does raise a whole series of complex policy matters that we believe cannot be dealt with just by a simple notice of motion in the fashion that was proposed."

Now it seems that the phrase 'all lives matter' isn't a racist dog whistle to the alt-right. If it was, why would George Floyd's brother Philonise, use it?

Maybe the left consider him to be a racist white supremacist too?

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