Race Baiting

Biden continues to divide America. Here's your daily news digest for 15 May 2023.

Race Baiting
Photo by Maël BALLAND / Unsplash
Biden Says ‘White Supremacy’ Most Dangerous Threat To U.S. In Commencement Speech At Historically Black College | The Daily Wire
President Joe Biden ginned up racial tensions at the graduation ceremony for Howard University on Saturday, claiming that America’s greatest threat comes in the form of “white supremacy.” Biden gave the commencement address for the historically black college and university (HBCU) at Capital One Aren…


Calls to urgently ban Nazi salute after Melbourne rally
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It’s the Government’s Spending, Stupid
The claims from the government that its budget will have a deflationary effect, given its increase in net spending, economically defies gravity.
Missing surfer believed dead after Australia shark attack
The 46-year-old man is still missing and is feared dead, say police in South Australia.


Israel under Fire and The West’s Pusillanimous Response
Neither Ukraine nor Israel has any territorial ambitions or aggressive intent against their attackers — both Ukraine and Israel are fighting purely defensive wars to protect their civilian populations. There is another common factor. Islamic Jihad in
It was better under Apartheid — many black South Africans
It was better under Apartheid — many black South Africans. By Koos Malen. “Apartheid, that is, the white minority regime prior to 1994, was better than the present messed-up dispensation the …
Russia’s trade with Middle East and North Africa soaring – minister
Russia has been strengthening trade with other partners amid Western sanctions, the Ministry of Economic Development reports

Business, Finance & Investment

$910,000,000,000 Exits US Banking System in Just One Year As Depositors Take Flight - The Daily Hodl
New numbers from the Federal Reserve are shining a light on just how much capital has exited US banks in the last year.
Recession Odds Rise To Highest In 40 Years: Fed
The Fed’s recession risk indicator is now greater than it was in November 2007, not long before the subprime crisis…


Why trophy hunting could be key to saving Africa’s wildlife | The Spectator Australia
The lion or elephant in the photo should be stone-cold dead. The hunter posing with it should be ugly, fat and preferably American. Cue to social media outrage from celebrities…
Daniel Penny Defense Fund Doubles Overnight as Americans Chip In, Soars Beyond $1 Million Mark
Donors have rushed to support Daniel Penny’s legal defense fund after he was charged with the manslaughter of Jordan Neely.
It Can’t Be Just Women Who Fight the Trans Movement
The first thing we need to get straight is what separates conservatives, Americans, and patriots from Marxists, feminists, and trans activists. For all of our history, the vast majority of Americans wholeheartedly rejected the idea of coll…

Crypto & Blockchain

Can memecoins be used as real currency?
Memecoins can be used as a form of currency, although their acceptance and stability may vary.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Yaroslav Shakula Believes That Web3 Is The Future - Here’s Why
The Web3 industry has continued to make significant progress. More brands are trooping into this bright future, and many projects are being created, launched,


Ex-ByteDance Executive Claims in Lawsuit that TikTok Is a ‘Propaganda Tool’ for the CCP | National Review
‘The Committee maintained supreme access to all the company data, even data stored in the United States.’

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