Questions and Cover Ups?

The US election has been mired in fraud and cover-ups. Will the mainstream media ever acknowledge the evidence?

Questions and Cover Ups?

Today the media have declared Joe Biden as the winner of the US Presidential election.

Although it isn’t their job to actually make that call, they have done so despite required recounts and pending legal challenges.

This is an extraordinary decision. But it fits their history of manufacturing negative Trump tales and covering for the Biden failings.

I’m not here tonight to debate the merits of the respective candidates. We will all have our preferred one and I continue to unashamedly support President Trump. Others on this panel have backed Joe Biden.

That’s ok and leads to spirited political debate.

What’s not ok though, is to see how a once great representative democracy has now been tainted by shameless media bias, blatant big tech censorship, partisan pollsters and ballot tampering.

All of these things have been done to favour the Democratic Party candidate.

The media were largely silent on the evidence linking Biden to his families cash for access business while they were happy to report as fact, almost any spurious claim against President Trump.

The tech oligarchs, notably twitter and facebook, also refused to allow the facts of that corruption investigation to be discussed on their platforms.

So while They refuse to censor Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei who advocates genocide of the Jews, they have no problem stopping discussion of the biggest political scandal in US history.

The pollsters of course, were so terribly wrong that they are either hopelessly incompetent or deliberately dodgy.

So why would they be touting a blue wave and massive win by the Democrats? Even though it didn’t work, the intention was clearly to discourage and suppress the Republican voter turnout.

But perhaps the most worrying thing about this election,  is the clear vote tampering.

It’s now known that a ‘software glitch’ in swing state counting machines credited Trump votes to Biden.

Intelligence community insiders claim the ‘glitch’ is actually vote manipulation software, known as The Hammer and Scorecard.

The existence of these manipulation tools is not disputed and has been documented in 2015 court testimony by CIA contractors.

When that wasn’t enough to guarantee victory,  hundreds of thousands of Biden votes were dumped into the system during the dead of election night, with no reference to where they came from or how they appeared.

These, coincidently,  were just enough to get him over the line in key swing states.

We also know that many dead people are recorded as voting, including Jason Lemoyne Daniel, who was born in 1850 and this year celebrates his 170th birthday. Many happy returns Jason.

There are videos of Democratic operatives admitting to paying people for their voting papers, we’ve seen thousands of trump ballots dumped in drains and bins…and so much more.

Such was the interest in this election, voter turnout was incredibly high, or should I say improbably high.

It’s also odd that Biden underperformed 2016 candidate Hillary Clinton in every major metropolis -  except those in the key swing states that used questionable methods and those flawed counting machines.

Contrary to federal law, republican scrutineers were denied access to view the counting process in key states,  whistleblowers insist the post office has been illegally backdating votes received from registered democrats,  and I could go on and on and on.

Thus far, the US media have simply dismissed the evidence of these fraud claims.

This sort of election manipulation used to be the preserve of banana republics and tin-pot dictatorships.

Unfortunately we can’t make that claim any longer.

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