Purchasing Your Privacy

Millions are giving up their most precious private data for a few digital baubles. It's the ultimate long-term move by authoritarians looking to enslave us.

Purchasing Your Privacy

It's easy to lose faith in the wisdom of people.

Historically, I have believed in the theory of rational egoism, which holds that not pursuing one's own interest is irrational.

That premise is likely still valid, but it's increasingly apparent that most people cannot see beyond the need for immediate self-gratification.

That's why people repeatedly make choices that give them an immediate benefit even though it has seriously negative long-term personal consequences.

Those choices feature in every aspect of life, from food to (lack of) exercise, from investments through to work.

The concept of consciously making a decision today for a benefit in the future seems to be lost. Instead, they'll trade almost anything from the future to get something now.

That's not always rational, but marketers, whether in government or business, know it is human nature and like to take advantage of it.

We see this all the time in the digital sphere.

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