Progressive Indulgences

Woke indulgences come at a cost. Here's your daily news digest for 19 January 2023.

Progressive Indulgences
Photo by Alex Padurariu / Unsplash
The High Cost Of Progressive Indulgences - The American Conservative
New frontiers in woke grift as left-wing elites compel the masses to subsidize their own virtue-signaling


‘Culture’ as a Proxy for ‘Race’
Commentary Australia’s Opposition leader, Peter Dutton, commenting on the Indigenous Voice to Parliament (the “Voice”), has demanded that ...
‘Petty’: ribbons for abuse victims removed from Sydney church hosting Pell funeral
Campaigners have been tying coloured ribbons to fence of St Mary’s Cathedral ahead of Cardinal George Pell’s mass on Thursday 2 February
PM Misleading And Evasive On Voice To Parliament
“Prime Minister Anthony Albanese’s assertion in recent interviews that the Indigenous-only Voice to Parliament would not be ‘justiciable’ is either ill-informed or deliberately misleading,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of the Institute of Public Affairs.


Israel’s Outgoing Army Chief Says Israel Has Three Plans to Attack Iran | The Libertarian Institute
Aviv Kohavi, the outgoing head of the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF), warned Friday that Israel has three operational plans drawn up to attack Iran.
The cost of China’s zero-child policy
Its demographic crisis will be repeated across the world
Ukraine: Is the Hammer About To Fall?
‘Here’s something you must understand. We were not given any opportunity to act differently.’ Vladimir Putin The plan to engage Russia militarily is a tacit admission that the United States can no longer maintain its global dominance through economic or political means alone. After exhaustive analys…

Business, Finance & Investment

The Periodic Table of Commodity Returns (2013-2022)
This table shows the fluctuating returns for various commodities over the past decade, from energy fuels to industrial and precious metals.
The Beginning Of The End Of The Credit Cycle
The credit cycle is turning, which points to wider credit spreads, increasing loan-losses at banks, and rising equity volatility...
5 Reasons You Should Buy An Online Business Instead of Building One From Scratch
You may be aware of the many life-enhancing opportunities that starting your own online business can grant you: location independence, financial freedom, and more personal time. Whether you need to start an online business from scratch or you can buy an already-established business to get to that p…


Technocratic Dystopia Is Impossible ⋆ Brownstone Institute
Grand utopias cannot be realized because, while imagination is unconstrained, reality has limits. What is a dystopia other than the role of an NPC in someone else’s utopia?
Are Mask Mandates Coming Back? Biden DOJ Argues to Bring Back Policy in Court
The Biden administration went to court seeking the authority to implement a mask mandate on public transportation.
Hormone therapy, top surgeries part of medical school’s ‘gender-affirming’ care
The University of Southern California medical school will provide hormone therapy and top surgeries as part of its ‘gender-affirming’ care.

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
WEF panel discusses the coming tokenized economy
Carbon credits, electricity, government bonds and forex were some of the assets the participants believed would be tokenized in the future.
Bitcoin Price Reaches $21,000, Shorts Demolished In Biggest Squeeze Since 2021
Bulls take charge with massive upward momentum. Key price levels to watch to determine whether this is another bear market rally or a move with lasting power.


Masculinity Isn’t Toxic, Our Erasure Of It Is
Those who wrote off masculinity as ‘toxic’ never truly understood the concept — or why it mattered so much.

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