Who could have seen that coming?

Photo by Dulkimso Hakim Santoso / Unsplash
Report: Half Of Male Inmates Claiming Trans ID Are Sex Criminals
According to Wisconsin data, 81 of the 161 male inmates who claim to be transgender have been convicted of sexual assault or sexual abuse.


10 ways the Yes camp is twisting the truth on the Indigenous voice to parliament
Chris Kenny’s piece “Busting eight myths of the No Campaign” in ­Inquirer last weekend read like a laundry list of …
Tasmania Leaning Towards No Vote At Divisive Voice Referendum
“It is clear that Tasmanians are forming a consensus around a ‘No’ vote at the forthcoming referendum, due to concerns the community is being divided by the Voice debate, and a belief that it will not deliver better outcomes for indigenous communities,” said Daniel Wild, Deputy Executive Director of…


Congressmen Visit Rebel-Controlled Syria, Meet with al-Qaeda Linked Group | The Libertarian Institute
Three Congressmen traveled to a region of Syria controlled by Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), an offshoot of al-Qaeda. The Congressional delegation met with several Syrians who were suffering and blamed President Bashar al-Assad for poor living conditions. Republican Congressmen Ben Cline, Scott Fitzg…
Chinese region offers ‘rewards’ for brides under 25
Chinese county offers cash rewards for brides under 25

Business, Finance & Investment

China’s $18 trillion economy has indigestion—and the factory of the world could export its deflation and growth problems globally
“If you get a scenario where China is really in crisis and exporting deflation, I can see where that actually filters through the United States,” said an international economist at Wells Fargo.
Gold prices in Japan soar past 10,000 yen per gram amid economic uncertainty – Cryptopolitan
On Tuesday, the retail cost of gold in Japan crossed the 10,000 yen ($68.31) per gram mark for the first time, reaching 10,001 yen per gram on that day, marking a 28 yen surge from the previous day’s price. The value of gold in yen has been climbing due to the yen’s decline against the ... <a title=…
Debt and Destruction | Economic Prism
Something’s off. And it’s making life downright unpleasant for a broad cross section of Americans. The average worker, after putting in his 40 hours a week, is coming up short. Cash outflow consistently exceeds cash inflow. Debits overwhelm credits. How could this be?


Every Phone, TV, and Radio in the US Will Be Subject to an Emergency Alert System Test This Fall
FEMA said the test is designed to evaluate the effectiveness of its communication systems in the event of a national or local emergency.
From Covid To Climate Change: Vehicles For Global Authoritarianism -
By Brandon Smith As I have noted in the past, the western world came within a knife’s edge of being…
Imagine a future without children
When humanity is under pressure, the young suffer

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - We make it easy
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Switzerland’s Legacy Of Financial Freedom Makes It The Best Place For Bitcoin To Thrive
Switzerland values many of the core properties of Bitcoin and now the two are poised to create the future of financial sovereignty together…


Disney Now Employs Men in Drag to Greet Kids.
Disney is employing men dressed in full drag to interact with children and toddlers at its amusement parks. Photographs taken by disgusted visitors show

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