The White House is pushing war. Here's your daily news digest for 9 June 2023.

Photo by Milad Fakurian / Unsplash
WaPo: Deep State Knew of Ukraine’s Nord Stream Attack Plans Months Beforehand
The US Deep State knew of attack plans to destroy the Nord Stream pipeline system, a recent WaPo report claims.


New ABS Data Shows Concerning Rise In Australia’s Incarceration Rate
New data released today by the Australian Bureau of Statistics reveals a worrying two per cent increase to the incarceration rate over the past year, increasing to 205 prisoners per 100,000 adults, up from 201 at the same time last year.
Australia to introduce national ban on Nazi symbols
Displays of the symbols will be punishable by jail terms, amid a resurgence in far-right activity.
Leaked Brittany Higgins material to be raised in federal court hearing of Bruce Lehrmann defamation case
The federal court will consider the audio and text messages of Higgins and her partner David Sharaz published by several media outlets


Why Rishi Sunak fears the Covid inquiry | The Spectator Australia
A former Labour spin doctor recently offered some advice for governments considering a public inquiry. Rule No. 1: Don’t. But if ‘you’re stupid enough’ to do so: don’t make the inquiry independent…
Refugee stabs kids on playground in France – media
French Police have arrested a 32-year-old Syrian refugee after he stabbed several children at a playground, according to media reports
Poland’s phoney war on ‘Russian saboteurs’
The government commission is a McCarthyite ploy

Business, Finance & Investment

De-Dollarization Now Evident As Central Banks US Dollar Reserves Drop to Record Lows: JPMorgan - The Daily Hodl
Financial behemoth JPMorgan says the trend of de-dollarization is gaining steam as central banks around the world unload their US dollar holdings.
The Easiest Way Landlords Can Automatically Increase Rent (With Minimum Tension)
Every landlord wants to increase rent to at least keep up with inflation. However, regularly increasing rent is hard to do. Let me show you how you can increase rent with minimum tension. Recently, I received a surprise automatic rental increase from my newest tenants in the amount of $200. They pay…


Tide turning? Why ESG has become a top political concern after years of activism
ESG and Republican pushback to ESG have emerged as major points of corporate and political discourse.
CNN’s Latest GOP Town Hall Announcement Shows Just How Desperate They Really Are
CNN is hosting a presidential candidate town hall for former GOP New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie on Monday night.
The Planet of No Vapes | National Review
Lawmakers continue to ban a smoking-cessation practice that’s virtually harmless. But what fun is progressivism if you can’t order people around?

Crypto & Blockchain

Security or not, Ether looks poised to hold the $1.8K level based on 3 key metrics
The crypto market has had an extremely rough week, but ETH’s price continues to show strength. Here is why.
Mark Cuban on Coinbase Crackdown: “No One Trusts” The SEC |
Outspoken Dallas Mavericks owner and occasional crypto enthusiast Mark Cuban has taken to Twitter to express his concerns over the US Securities and Exchange
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Why is Biden’s FBI Hiding Documents from Congress?
The House Committee on Oversight and Accountability has recommended holding FBI director Christopher Wray in ‘contempt of Congress’.

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