Political Frenemies

Personal reflections on your own political history and actions are usually self-serving and replete with gilded lilies. It's the same when it comes to your frenemies.

Political Frenemies

A number of people have asked me about the ABC political documentary Nemesis.

It features figures associated with the previous Liberal governments giving free character assessments of their colleagues while simultaneously rewriting history to flatter themselves.

So far, two episodes have aired, and I haven't watched them. I don't intend to watch new episodes when they are broadcast either.

When I tell people that, most are a little stunned.

But having lived through the entire tawdry process, there isn't much to be gained by their ABCs version of it.

I sincerely doubt they'll be doing any Liberal favours, even the ones who constantly leaked information to the national propaganda outlet.

That's one reason I declined to be interviewed for the program when they asked me last year.

The proposed process was a 'first' discussion to see if there was anything I had to say that the ABC considered worthy of filming. Then, there was to be another day set aside for the formal interview itself.

When initially approached, I said I'd think about it, but it didn't take long to decide.

I guessed that the people most likely to appear would be trying to justify their dishonesty and treachery, or claiming to have influenced matters during which they were mere passengers.

From some reports, my guesses were close to the mark.

It's also insightful by others who chose not to participate. Tony Abbott and Peter Dutton were two notable absentees.

For the opposition leader, it would have been bad politics to be ripping into his colleagues or defending their conduct while the former Prime Minister doesn't need to say any more about being torn down during his first term.

That one act did more to damage the Liberal Party's standing than almost anything else, and it's little wonder those closely linked to it feel the need to justify their actions.

That's not to say Abbott's Prime Ministership was without flaws.

I was one of many who were uneasy with the policy, process, and personnel at the time. But no matter the state of that play, removing him during his first term was utter madness.

Those who did so were ruled by ambition, ego and retribution.

Ambition because they wanted a higher office. Retribution, because of some perceived or real slight. Ego, because everyone in that place (Parliament House) thinks they are just a moment from achieving true greatness.

In some cases, their names will undoubtedly be written in the history books, but few will remember any of their achievements.

Unless you count leaving Australia worse off, on almost every measure, an achievement to be remembered.

Thought for the Day

“If you’re going to stay in this town and want a friend, go out and buy yourself a dog.”
Frank Fay

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