Planning Helps Avoid the Pain

Dealing with the dishonest state of public affairs requires a prosperity plan for your future. It's time to put it in place.

Planning Helps Avoid the Pain
Photo by Brett Jordan / Unsplash

Change is happening on a global level at an astonishing pace.

What we have long accepted as truth is now being turned on it's ear as astounding levels of dishonesty come to light.

Politics is perhaps the most obvious example.

The Biden crime family is being exposed. Scotland's former leader Nicola Sturgeon has been arrested while former UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has resigned from Parliament.

All are swept up in dishonesty allegations.

There's also a growing bribery scandal in Europe with claims that up to 100 European MPs were bribed by officials from Qatar.

Australia is swept up in a similar movement too.

Former and current MPs from both sides of the political divide are embroiled in allegations of corruption and dishonesty. I suspect there will be several referrals to the newly formed National Anti-Corruption Committee when it begins in July.

The thought that politics globally really is a sewer of self-interest and pocket lining should fill us with despair.

It will also come as little surprise to a lot of people who have observed the decline in credibility of our elected officials for decades now.

But the upside down world of the new-reality isn't exclusive to politics.

The grubby and dishonest world of Hollywood has been on display for years now. It's run by deviants who will exploit anyone who enters their orbit.

The media are now little more than propaganda machines for whatever regime is paying the bills.

The medical profession have questions to answer after pushing poisonous and experimental jabs on the populace.

That's just dealing with some of the 'elites'.

In the social realm, we are all expected to accept and glorify all manner of weird behaviour ranging from men claiming to be women through to racism masquerading as 'black lives matter'.

It's a very sad state of affairs and I have no doubt it is leading us into a very challenging future.

These challenges will include an increasingly polarised society, divided by irreconcilable political and social movements.

That will be compounded by the escalation in global conflict as the United States enlists all allies in a futile quest to maintain hegemony.

It's also likely the global financial bubble will burst.

Recent economic growth has been built on unsustainable levels of credit. That debt will either be repaid, inflated away or defaulted upon.

Any of those options will cause massive pain for households.

So what's to be done about it?

If you ask a dozen experts you'll likely get a dozen different answers depending on their world view.

Countering inflation requires physical assets like real estate, precious metals, commodities or art.

An expectation of debt default would suggest avoiding government bonds despite the attractive interest rates available. That said, if a deep recession starts then bond holders will enjoy windfall profits as interest rates decline.

Perhaps the best one can do is to adopt the principle that government is not your friend and you should avoid things within their direct control.

In the world of economic forecasting there are no absolutes. The only certainty is that we live in interesting times and preparing for the worst is the best we can do.

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