Pity for Islamists

Netflix went above and beyond to point out apparent "Islamophobia" post-Boston bombing. Here's your daily news digest for 27 April 2023.

Pity for Islamists
Photo by horacio olavarria / Unsplash
Why is Netflix treating the Boston bombers as victims?
The woke elites’ pity for radical Islamists is just nauseating now.


Albanese is making life harder for mainstream Australians | The Spectator Australia
While Australians were ensconced in the Easter long weekend, the Albanese government announced that would not be extending the low- and middle-income tax offset (LMITO) in the upcoming budget.
Dr Jennifer Marohasy Discussing The Need For The BOM To Be Transparent On Sky News Australia
Australians deserve answers. We rely on the Bureau of Metrology to be a trusted source of data and forecasts, yet time and time again there are too many examples of where the BOM does not give enough consideration to transparency and accuracy. The IPA’s Jennifer Marohasy told Sky News Australia of h…
Devils in dark green? What we know about Tassie’s AFL team
With a 23,000-seat stadium being built in Hobart’s city centre, the island state has cleared the last of many, many hurdles set for it by the AFL. Here’s what it all means for the state’s long-held team ambitions.


Palestinians: The Real Human Rights Violations
When Palestinians commit human rights violations against Palestinians, the European Union and the UN are beyond indifferent. It is only when Israel takes a decision to defend itself against terrorism that we hear their supposedly righteous cries. The
Mastermind of Kabul Airport Bombing Killed by the Taliban, U.S. Officials Say | National Review
The Biden administration has made the case that the U.S. does not need boots on the ground to launch counterterrorism operations.
Ukraine Plans for World War III - The American Conservative
Ukraine is a cornered animal, and it plans to lash out like one.

Business, Finance & Investment

World shifts away from using the dollar
Economies across the world are exploring the use of convenient currencies other than the United States dollar for trading.
Government Budget Deficits Cannot Stimulate True Economic Growth | Frank Shostak
Keynesian economists say that during an economic slump, the government must run large budget deficits in order to keep the economy going. In contrast, Austrian economists maintain that increased budget deficits are usually monetized, leading to general price increases.
How Setting Consistent Goals Increased My Revenue By 100% - Good Financial Cents®
My revenue has increased almost 100% since I started creating and consistently revisiting my goals. I’ve also been able to to focus on the things I love.


The Ratings Are In: Viewers Sent Fox News an Unmistakable Message on First Night Without Tucker Carlson
Fox News lost more than half a million viewers in Tucker Carlon’s former time slot on its first night without him.
Ex-CIA Chief Interfered in 2020 Election to Help Joe Biden | The Libertarian Institute
Mike Morrell, the former acting CIA director, revealed to the House Judiciary Committee, led by Rep. Jim Jordan, that he played a key role in rallying former intelligence officials to sign a letter which sought to discredit reporting on the Hunter Biden laptop scandal during the 2020 presidential ca…
Denying The Sexes Is About Forcing All Of Us To Live A Lie
We are fighting not just a culture war but a war for rationality, science, and norms that have been in place since the dawn of humanity.

Crypto & Blockchain

Former Signature Bank Crypto Payments Chief, 4 of His Team Join Fortress Trust
Joseph Seibert, formerly head of digital assets at Signature Bank, has brought over part of his risk and compliance team and a blockchain payments specialist.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin price jumps in the wake of First Republic Bank price crash
The price of Bitcoin has jumped a little over 3% immediately following the share price of First Republic Bank plunging more than 50% as the embattled firm stares down a massive fall in deposits.


Accused Pedophile Socialite Worked at Pro-Trans ‘Ready Kids’
Accused pedophile social Eleanor Hoppe worked with children at Charlottesville, Virginia’s “ReadyKids” non-profit.

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