Pharma Fascism

On the left, entire careers are made by writing and teaching about the commons.

Pharma Fascism
Photo by Ivan Tsurov / Unsplash
The Rise of Pharma Fascism and the Ruination of the Commons ⋆ Brownstone Institute
No Pharaoh, king, feudal lord, and certainly political party has ever before claimed they own the air that must be managed by a police state.


‘Immediate action’ needed to investigate government’s Qatar Airways flight decision, committee finds
The Senate committee examining the decision delivers its final report, making 10 recommendations, including that the government immediately review its decision.
From the referendum booths this morning | The Spectator Australia
An amusing and TRUE anecdote from a Spectator Australia ‘No’ volunteer at a Voice referendum booth this morning… Volunteer: ’Vote NO to the Voice of Division. Would you like a How to Vote card for…
Loudest ‘voice’ in all interest groups is for more government spending - The Centre for Independent Studies
Regardless of whether you think the Voice has any merit, there is surely some merit in the idea that government …


The Rhetorical War for Israel
With hundreds of Israelis killed and many more kidnapped or injured by the anti-Semitic Arab supremacists of Hamas, the rhetorical war for Israel has begun. This war, as has always been the case, is fought in the realm of rhetoric and argument and no…
Turkish lira hits new all-time low
Türkiye’s national currency, the lira, has dropped to its lowest historical level against the US dollar
Pope Francis Scolds Americans as ‘Irresponsible,’ Demands Change to the ‘Western Model’
Pope Francis singled out the U.S. in a new document calling for global action on what he called the “climate crisis.”

Business, Finance & Investment

Rare Earth Prices Skyrocket Following Burmese Mining Suspension disruptions remain a massive concern in the rare earths industry
Out-of-Favor Gold Looks Attractive as Risks Mount, Nikko AM Says
Gold’s recent tumble has made it more attractive in an environment in which elevated interest rates boost the odds of unexpected market ructions, according to Nikko Asset Management.


Flashback: Trump Predicted Terrorist Attacks with Money Provided by US
“That money [will] be used for terrorism all over the Middle East,” Trump said after Biden handed over $6 billion to Iran.
Foreseen consequences: Biden’s $6 Billion Ransom to Iran
Foreseen consequences: Biden’s $6 Billion Ransom to Iran. By The Wall Street Journal almost a month ago. Secretary of State Antony Blinken on Monday informed Congress he had signed a waiver releasi…
Propaganda: Using Fear to Justify Tyranny | The Libertarian Institute ...[W]e human beings, as social animals, need individual freedom to fully flourish. The equation is simple: individual freedom = social cooperation = individual and social flourishing. Many corollaries follow. To pick one, the freedom to choose with whom we will cooperat…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
War, CPI and $28K BTC price — 5 things to know in Bitcoin this week
Bitcoin (BTC) starts the second week of October still up 4% month-to-date as geopolitical instability provides a snap market focus. BTC price action continues to hold steady at $28,000 — what will happen next as markets react to the war in Israel? In what could end up a volatile period for risk asse…


Musk Deletes Several Posts After Promoting Two Pro-Hamas Accounts
Elon Musk deleted several posts on his platform after he promoted two accounts that had previously spread pro-Hamas rhetoric.

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