Paying for the Privilege

After spending tens of thousands on installing solar power and storage, one NSW couple is now paying for the privilege of sending power into the grid.

Paying for the Privilege
Photo by Matthew Henry / Unsplash

If we need further evidence of the folly of renewables and what they are doing to the electricity market, I am happy to help.

In today's case, you get to pay to put your excess solar energy back into the grid.

That's right, instead of getting a financial benefit for contributing to the electricity supply, at least one resident in NSW is actually being charged for the privilege!

I spent the weekend with friends in the rural property where they have solar panels and a Tesla battery installed to help cut their B & B electricity costs.

When it was installed, they thought it was as simple as using what they needed, storing excess, and if there was anything left over, it was sold back into the grid.

That may have been how it started, but it's not that way anymore.

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