Paying for Propaganda

The 'news' now resembles a paid propaganda service more than factual reports. Here's one specific area corrupted by cash.

Paying for Propaganda
Photo by Nijwam Swargiary / Unsplash

If you doubt the motives for a set of circumstances it's wise to 'follow the money'.

That's a phrase that highlights how individuals, experts and organisations can be prompted into specific courses of action with the lure of big bucks.

It's not hard to see that process in action. In fact, one could say it has corrupted the ' settled science' surrounding myriad of public discussions.

With the right amount of research funding, it's easy to find a scientist to confirm your pet theory. When that money is a bottomless pit provided by government and corporate rent seekers, you have a veritable army of scientists ready to do your bidding.

The army are then deployed to shut down any dissent by claiming the science is 'settled'.

No credible scientist should ever claim that.

Science is based on a set of hypotheses that are constantly been tested by other scientists. That's how real scientific progress is made.

It was only a few hundred years ago that the science of using leeches to bleed a patient was 'settled'. If the patient recovered it was because of the bleeding. If they died (most likely from blood loss) it was because there wasn't enough bloodletting.

Bloodletting is still practiced today under certain conditions but not in the same manner as previously. That's because the science has evolved.

But back to the money.

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