Outing the X Village Idiots

Reason has been supplanted by emotional abuse in the public square. Social Media exposes how widespread the 'intellectual village idiot' movement is.

Outing the X Village Idiots

It's hard to comprehend how closed-minded and ignorant some people choose to be.

I say choose to be because even the smart often refuses to consider the evidence before yelling abuse or throwing their opinion about.

Perhaps the most remarkable example of that ignorance is on platform X (formerly known as Twitter), where nothing arouses the ire of the ignorant like the subject of Israel.

That is particularly so in the activist's response to the October 7 terror attacks by Hamas.

Facts don't matter, as emotions and misinformation rule the day with an increasing belligerence attached to ignorance.

I would like to give you one example.

A few days ago, the notorious anti-semite and former UK Labor leader Jeremy Corbyn made claims that "Gaza is full of creativity, learning & joy. That is what is being destroyed."

I have no compunction in saying that's absolute rubbish. Even the people resident there don't celebrate the joy, learning and creativity. They usually lament their conditions as a hello-hole and a prison.

It may be that some of what Corbyn mentioned is correct, but, in my opinion, nothing of note has emerged from Gaza. The smart ones fled or made billions of dollars by rorting aid money.

I also made the factual point that the IQ of children in Gaza is well below intellectual norms.

You'll note there was also the rider that dumb people are more likely to be convinced to do atrocious things, and that suits the Hamas objectives perfectly.

It doesn't matter whether you think I should have posted the comment. What does matter is the accuracy of the data behind the statement. I also posted a link to the report on X.

The data came from a report, which you can read below.

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