Our Dystopian Future

Developments out of China paint an alarming picture of our future.

Our Dystopian Future
Photo by Patrick Perkins / Unsplash

Technology has been a remarkable advancement for society but now it truly has the potential to enslave us.

We are constantly surveilled and tracked, screentime dominates our waking hours while artificial intelligence (AI) is replacing workers.

When you see the advances in the area of AI, it's easy to be filled with dread.

That was my first thought when I saw the autonomous Chinese drones navigating their way through a forest. They had no human controllers and didn't rely on GPS for navigation.

Instead, a range of sensors aids them in choosing the best possible path. It is quite remarkable technology and it will prove to be very valuable to the developers.

Have a look at the video.


It's quite incredible technology but if you are anything like me the potential for its misuse is what caught my attention.

Scientists have already warned of the potential for AI to be applied to lethal autonomous weapons. One group even went as far as to produce a video detailing the dystopian future we could face.

Even though it is fiction, based on the new technology I detailed above this video is a chilling watch.

Of course just because technology can be misused doesn't mean that it will be.

However, human nature would suggest that everything is eventually exploited to provide advantage over others.

In most cases, the motive has been to seek financial advantage but as we've learned in recent times, the global elites lust for power more than money.

Power comes from control and there is no more controlling state than the Chinese Communist one.

Alarmingly, the Chinese social credit system is slowly making inroads through the Western world. We've all just lived through the deprivation of liberty (for our own good of course) and papers please demands of our own government.

You can expect more of the same in the future.

Given this new technology was developed in China, how long will it be before it is used against the Chinese people? When will type of autonomous technology is used as a means of domestic surveillance or on the battlefield?

In a domestic context, the mere thought of an armada of self directed drones tracking and reporting on our conduct fills should fill us all with dread.

While it may start in China, you can bet your bottom dollar it won't end there.

Governments are no longer allies of the people. We have become mere vassals of the State and they are using technology to enslave us.

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