Opinionated and Uninformed

Even the politically engaged are blinded by the poison peddled by the mainstream media. Facts don't matter. Feelings do.

Opinionated and Uninformed

I had such an interesting exchange with a fellow political animal that I simply had to share it with you. It took place via text message but it demonstrated to me how the leftist mindset becomes even more firmly entrenched as the evidence against their pre-chosen mounts.

Trust me when I say that nothing polarises people like the recent US Presidential election. The allegations (and evidence) of fraud are met with denial or some spurious obfuscation by the never Donald crowd with an irrational fervour.

That many of these same people peddled the 2016 Russian interference hoax, despite the lack of evidence while ignoring the Hillary Clinton abuses of office , despite the evidence,  says a lot about them.

Today's exchange was about the Texas Attorney General  filing a lawsuit with the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS).

Here's how it went down. (corrections have been made for typos)

Other Political Animal
SCOTUS filings: Neither filing offers clear evidence of fraud, even saying at one point that the fraud could have been so successful that evidence could not be found. Their maths also doesn't add up, and has a basic factual error.
Cory Bernardi:
The SCOTUS suit by Texas & Ors isn’t about fraud directly. It is about the respective state election officials not complying with their own constitutions and laws (and maybe Fed constitution too) which has disenfranchised Texas voters. Remains to be seen if SCOTUS takes the case but it is interesting because they make the claim that it’s not the President but the VP which potentially matters most to them.
Other Political Animal:
Do you remotely care that this is an attempt to disenfranchise millions of voters ?
Cory Bernardi:
Again, I think you miss the point. If the state election rules were changed without legal sanction, it disenfranchises the rest of the country. Don’t you care about those millions which clearly outnumber your claim of millions?
Other Political Animal:
You seem to ignore that states set there own rules under their laws
Either you believe in democracy or you don’t this is no longer a case of
exhausting legal avenues and you know it
Cory Bernardi:
You still don’t get it. This is a dispute between states where several now allege other states have broken their own electoral laws and acted against their own constitutions. You either believe in the rule of law and constitutional limits on Government or you are signalling support for both anarchy and tyranny.
SCOTUS is only place to resolve disputes between states. Otherwise they can go to war.
I really think you need to School up on this lawsuit before getting too irate. SCOTUS may reject it but if you clearly think all the irregularities in this election are of no concern - even if they potentially violate rule of law and state /federal constitution - then you are in a very special place.
Other Political Animal:
Trump legal cases have been vilified by every judge including Trump appointees. You do get it and you know this is not a legal gambit.  It’s about denigrating democratic elections, you are now on the side of undermining democracy for political gain
You will forfeit the right to criticise dictators world wide if you continue to deliberately ignore the political strategy being used.

“No constitutional provision, no statute and no principle of law gives one state the standing to challenge another state’s handling of an election,” he explained. “In our system, Texas isn’t the boss of Pennsylvania.”
Cory Bernardi:
Many judges refused to even examine the evidence of voter fraud presented to the court. The system is clearly partisan, you know that.
And who is it that explained what you cite? Just another partisan reporter or player in the game?
Regardless, it simply isn’t accurate. Read the application. Texas makes clear why they feel they are disadvantaged by the actions of other states conduct. This is an appropriate method of dealing with a dispute where one state feels the conduct of another contravenes federal law and/or constitution.

Unlike you my principle is consistent in this. Sure I think it was rigged but why not allow appropriate legal process to play out? You probably think you know more about US law than the Texas AG but I’ll let him have his shot. You should listen to what he has to say. It is actually very interesting.
Other Political Animal:
Trump judges have been equally contemptuous of the  legal arguments
They have looked at evidence - and the judgements state bluntly , because there has been NO evidence presented. In a court you have to back allegations with evidence!!!!! Stating you feel disadvantaged is not legal valid evidence
Cory Bernardi:
This is a different lawsuit. It has nothing to do with fraud allegations. It is a state’s dispute over constitutional breaches and being disadvantaged is a breach of the fed voting act (my words as don’t know legal term). Please read the lawsuit or listen to the Texas AG. You will see you have this all wrong
Other Political Animal:
Any claim is legally allowed to be filed
That is not the test for evidence
Cory Bernardi:
Is an affidavit evidence…yes. Is video/audio evidence….yes. Are witnesses evidence…yes. Are people voting at non existent addresses evidence…yes. Are dead people voting evidence…yes
Other Political Animal:
Stop it !!
Any claim can be made This is about undermining democracy and you know it
Cory Bernardi:
I could go on. Don’t go with the no evidence BS there is plenty of it.
Other Political Animal:
You are now as credible as Pauline Hanson
Cory Bernardi:
Come on Credlin next week. We can argue the hell out of it…I am hosting.
Other Political Animal:
No thanks

Maybe I have misinterpreted this and you can advise me  how an outsider views this exchange.

The 'other political animal' clearly didn't know anything about the lawsuit he was contemptuous of but refused to admit it. He also refused to accept the clear evidence of fraud, choosing instead to simply ignore it.

Remember, this latest 'conversation' was with someone supposedly politically informed, If they can be brainwashed by media spin then it;'s easy to see how many others have also had their critical thinking turned off.

The dishonesty of the media and some of the political players has been astounding but it has also been effective. The 'conversation' above shows just how effective the sanitising of the greatest fraud in political history, and the related cover-up has been.

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