One's Senses

Perhaps the world is finally waking up. Here's your daily news digest for 2 February 2023.

One's Senses
Photo by Flash Dantz / Unsplash
Pfizer Stock Forecasts Die Down Suddenly As Demand For COVID Products Drop
Pfizer anticipates demand is faltering due to “fewer people” being “expected to receive their primary doses.”


Former John Howard ally Tony Nutt joins Voice Yes campaign group
The Yes campaign for this year’s Voice referendum is amassing a heavy-hitting group of business, legal and political minds to lead the case for change, announcing a respected Liberal strategist and John Howard confidant as its latest recruit.
Louise Milligan’s Latest Anti-Catholic Frolic – Quadrant Online
Business sector has driven shift to ‘values-based capitalism’, Jim Chalmers says
Treasurer hits back at criticism of his essay that championed co-investment and economic inclusion


Former UK Defense Minister Says NATO May Need To Send Ground Forces To Ukraine
Are western citizens willing to fight and die for Ukraine? It’s highly unlikely...
Energy costs push French inflation higher
The French economy has continued to be hampered by record inflation as a result of soaring energy prices, preliminary statistics show
The Middle East facing a Tempest
Iran, a member of the Axis of Evil, has been attacked by the Forces of Good. Will it come to the Third World War? We shall see. But now from the beginning. After the recent elections, Bibi Netanyahu had formed his sixth government after one-and-a-half-year break and Israelis opposing Bibi began a st…

Business, Finance & Investment

Charted: U.S. Egg Prices More Than Double in 2022
This chart shows the increase in the national average price of a dozen Grade A eggs in the U.S. in 2022.
Family Finances: a Vintage Budgeting Method is Back
By Lisa Gerstner From Kiplinger’s Personal Finance In a video from TikTok account AbundantGains, a woman separates cash ...
UrbanSurvival Housing Lightens Up
UrbanSurvival: Replaying 1929 and prepping for what comes next since 1997. We like to be early, not late!


Gaetz on Omar: I’m Just Into Her Foreign Policy
Rep. Matt Gaetz (R., Fla.) says he is undecided on whether he will vote to boot anti-Semitic Democrat Ilhan Omar (Minn.) off the House Foreign Affairs Committee, telling Newsmax that he is a fan of her fierce opposition to “neoconservative” foreign policy and pointing to her questioning of former St…
Inside the Catholic civil war
With Pope Benedict dead, the gloves are off
UChicago: A Beacon of Hope in the Sea of Woke
As we enter the new year, a faint signal off in the distance suggests that the University of Chicago remains

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Tesla records $204M loss from bitcoin in 2022
Tesla recorded a $204M impairment loss in 2022 on its Bitcoin holdings. The loss was offset by $64M in profits from Bitcoin trading.
Fidelity Digital Assets’ Head of Institutional Crypto Exits Role
Chris Tyrer joined Fidelity Digital Assets as its first U.K. employee four years ago.


DeSantis, Scourge Of Wokeness - The American Conservative
It’s on! Florida governor announces plan to defund DEI and CRT bureaucracies at state universities

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