One Corporate Fights Back

Seeing a corporate step up to take on the woke warriors is good for all of us. It may even signal a new move to redress the imbalance of Leftist tyranny.

One Corporate Fights Back
Photo by Arisa Chattasa / Unsplash

There's a glimmer of hope that the sickly state of the corporate world could be on the mend.

I say a glimmer, because at this stage, there appears to be only one real challenger to the lefty zeitgeist. Hardly a movement but it is a start.

And making a start is the key to actually making a change.

When asked, most people want to see changes to aspects of the world around them.

However, relatively few of those people actually do anything to make those changes for themselves.

Instead, they rely on others to do the heavy lifting or some 'magic' shortcut that promises to make things easier.

It's why weight-loss pills and injections are so popular. They promise results without the pain of dieting and exercise. It's why so many lose money to scammers promoting get rich quick schemes or expensive 'problem solving' treatments that don't work.

Human nature doesn't change and nor do the fundamentals underpinning those who want to take advantage of it.

Perhaps the greatest abusers of this are governments and their associated spruikers.

They relentlessly push nonsensical agendas and pretend they are mainstream thought. Eventually, the narrative catches on and people start to accept fiction as a new reality.

If you are in any doubt about how it works just look at the rubbish being peddled around the gender agenda.

Advocates are essentially denying basic biology and more and more people are accepting it as 'science'.

That's why having a corporate wade into the cesspit of woke culture to fight back is a big deal.

It signifies that the spirit of resistance is still with us and it will inspire others to join them.

One first mover can change the narrative.

Think of how the most popular broadcaster in the world, Joe Rogan, survived cancel culture and thrived for discussing the COVID problems. His actions helped others to do the same.

Now I know Rogan wasn't the first in that space but he was the biggest name. When he gave voice to the hidden narrative, the mainstream had to listen.

They in turn pushed governments to back down on many of the lies and spin. Now, the previously verboten is openly discussed - including by those who were guilty of the original sin.

It could be the same with an hilarious commercial for men's razors.

It lampoons almost everything sacred in the Church of Woke and I'd wager their business thrives as a result.

I certainly hope it does and I hope it inspires many more to join them to help cure the ideology poisoning Western civilisation.

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