Oligarchs and Oppressors

The giants of technology are actively working to suppress the news they don' t want you to know about.

Oligarchs and Oppressors

Earlier this week I wrote of how sections of the media were giving their preferred political candidates a free pass.

It was a direct reference to the lack of rigour applied to the Victorian government over their mishandling of the Coronavirus.

I stated that fake news is not just that manufactured for partisanship but also what is deliberately overlooked by many media organisations.

Unfortunately there is something even worse and it likely affects every single one of us.

Most people today get a lot of their information from social media. These are the tech giants like Twitter, Youtube and Facebook.

These companies are also some of the biggest censors of news they don’t want you to know about.

Their flagrant  bias would make even Kim Jong Un – the North Korean dictator - blush with embarrassment.

Take todays revelations about how democratic Presidential candidate Joe Biden has been exposed as being complicit in his sons dodgy business activities.

This is an important story – broken by the New York Post – about how a Presidential candidate has repeatedly lied about his own actions.

It also exposes how his son, an unskilled substance abuser, was able to parlay his daddy’s position as Vice-President into a lucrative corporate career.

The facts are, Biden's son was appointed to the board of a Ukrainian company and paid around $65,000 per month – despite having no relevant experience. He then used that position to connect other representatives of the company with the then Vice-President – his dad.

Now the company was also under investigation for allegations of fraud and Daddy Biden, by his own admission,  threatened to withhold a billion dollar loan to the Ukrainian government, unless the prosecutor of that case was sacked.

It’s no coincidence that a little while later, the investigation was dropped, the prosecutor was fired and the loan went through.

Papa Biden has repeatedly denied any knowledge of his sons business activities or that he played any part in them. That is now known to be a lie.

However, the tech giants consider this an inconvenient truth so they have refused to link to the story that exposes their preferred presidential candidate as a phoney.

In short, these tech oligarchs  are trying to rig the election by denying American citizens access to the truth.

It is shameful behaviour and is downright dangerous for democratic ideals around the world.

Some of you may be thinking, this is just a US thing and why should we be worried?

Well, you should be very worried, because if they are prepared to do this in the land of the free, in an attempt to rig the biggest election of all time; then they can and likely will do the very same thing to shape election outcomes here in Australia.

Access to the truth is more important now than ever. That requires a fearless free press and distribution platforms that aren’t the modern day equivalents of Pravda.

If the digital giants won’t accept that responsibility, it might be time to break up the cosy oligarchy they enjoy.

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