Old School Dinner Conversation

The art of respectful dialogue and disagreement isn't completely lost. And there are glimmers of hope for the next generation.

Old School Dinner Conversation
Photo by Elevate / Unsplash

I recently spent an evening with six blokes in a local pub, having a spirited discussion over a schnitzel and some wine.

The event organiser is a friend who thought the motley crew would get along well despite some differing viewpoints.

He was correct. The group straddled multiple generations, and everyone had a strong opinion on everything, from veganism, Australia's future, Israel, Trump, Russia, the Church and the United Nations.

It was a reminder that regular people could have intelligent and enthusiastic conversations without descending into the outrage-cancel culture that the Left specialises in.

What impressed me most was the thoughtful contribution of the two youngest members - both around 20 years of age.

They had considered views about many things, posed some excellent questions and were also wise enough to admit there was plenty they weren't aware of.

It was very encouraging, and while they might not represent all the nation's youth, it gave me some hope that we've still got a few good 'uns in our midst.

One of the topics of conversation was the prospect of new or expanded conflicts across the globe.

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