Obama & Clinton

Two pillars of the Democratic Party political establishment have been caught up in a scandalous abuse of power.

Obama & Clinton

In the world before woke was a word, there were two names that could do no wrong among the pre-wokers: Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

Their fans believed they were destined to be the first black and first female Presidents of the United States respectively.

Obama achieved that goal despite a history of association with terrorists, black supremacists and drug use. His work record was very skinny aside from time as a community organiser with the crooked (and now disbanded) Acorn organisation.

Acorn lost government funding when their 'agents' were filmed advising a young couple about tax evasion, human smuggling and child prostitution.

Obama's role with Acorn was focussed on voter registration. It's just a coincidence that electoral and voting rorts are exactly what the Democratic party have stood accused of for decades.

Just this week, video footage was released of Somali men linked to a Democratic Congresswoman allegedly buying votes and rorting ballots (see below).

How to win elections Democrat style

Of course Democrat ballot rigging has a long and undistinguished history dating back to Tammany Hall and the election of John F Kennedy.

Naturally we are expected to believe that such dishonesty took a break while Obama was a democrat operative. One can only assume that was why he was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize just weeks after being elected!

Hillary's tale did not end the way it was supposed to.  Clinton failed to reach her ambition of leading the free world but she still has a very interesting history of her own.  

Almost everyone who was in a position to shed light on some of her (and Bill's) questionable business dealings managed to pass away prematurely. (think Seth Rich, Vincent Foster & Jeffery Epstein)

The Clinton Foundation could only be considered as a cash for access scheme on a multi-billion dollar scale.

Her use of an illegal email server while Secretary of State should have resulted in criminal sanction. Her pal President Obama denied any knowledge of her deliberate security breach but that didn't stop him using the illegal email to contact her.

He was exposed as doing so even though he used an alias (yes he really did). Little wonder the case was  eventually buried by Obama era appointments.

Jump forward four years and now these two pillars of the Democratic establishment have been implicated in a scandal of monumental proportions.

For four years they have accused Donald Trump of colluding with the Russians to gain electoral success. However, correspondence by the US  Director of National Intelligence suggests this was always a scheme fabricated by the Clinton camp.

Read what the Director of National Intelligence wrote.

Official's concerns were communicated to President Obama but he did nothing to stop the Democrat misinformation campaign against candidate Trump. He even repeated the allegations on numerous occasions.

In fact, Democrats of all rank have kept peddling the same nonsense for years now.

It's no coincidence that the Russia collusion allegations emerged just after Wikileaks released emails highlighting dishonesty, corruption, racism and anti-semitism within the Democrat Party machine.

In short, the entire Trump Russiagate scandal was manufactured as a diversion from the political woes of the Clinton campaign and the crookedness of the Democrats.

The story was embraced enthusiastically by a partisan press who only sought to discredit Donald Trump.

It's inconvenient for these media fantasists that the truth has emerged before the November 3 election. It's no coincidence that none of them are reporting just how wrong (or dishonest) they have been.

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