Not a Fan

There is a relentless push by the mainstream media to promote the success of 'content creators' on Only Fans. But for every financial success, there are thousands damaged by the experience.

Not a Fan

There are some things I really struggle to get my head around.

One is the apparent legitimacy of being an Only Fans content creator.

For readers unfamiliar with the Only Fans offering, it's a website where 'creators' can solicit payments from 'fans' for private content.

While that content could be almost anything, the primary use of Only Fans is for sharing intimate images and videos. It's basically home p*rn you might get paid for.

Now, that's not my thing, and it probably isn't yours either, but it's been regularly promoted by the mainstream media as a lucrative career for young people.

And it is lucrative. There are reports of some creators having subscription sales in the millions of dollars per year.

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