Normalising Degeneracy

The culture shapers in Hollywood have been normalising degeneracy. Unfortunately, their poisonous agenda has been embraced by politicians and the media.

Normalising Degeneracy
Photo by De'Andre Bush / Unsplash

It's not often I'll quote an avowed Leftist and suggest they are doing the right thing.

That's because they generally don't (do the right thing). For the collectivist, defending the tribe always takes precedence over the truth.

That's why I was delighted to see celebrity lefty Bill Maher call out the perversions of his tribe.

Now, Maher is a clever enough comedian who knows how to phrase things so his team doesn't crucify him.

That caution is wise, but it shouldn't diminish the power of his message.

A warning, though: there's some strong language and themes in this monologue.


What Maher has done is confirm almost everything many of us have been concerned about with the diversity and rainbow movement.

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