No Diversity of Opinion

To save your sanity, I dig into the bowels of their ABC, wade through the neck high sewerage and gain an insight into ‘what on earth were they thinking’.

No Diversity of Opinion

That’s how I found out about the 50:50 project.

A project they copied from England’s BBC and aims to tackle the ‘severe under representation of women in the public sphere’.

The ABC do this by assessing every report, internet write up or television presentation and if it’s got too many blokes in it, they insert a woman’s perspective whether it adds value or not.

Their rationale, as stated in the report, is because the ABC have a ‘special obligation to lead the way and ensure our news coverage fairly represents our society’

At least the report also openly states that their efforts are helping to change the nation.

Imagine that, a national broadcaster with a nation changing agenda….our very own version of the Xinhua News Agency that operates right here at home.

Anyway, now the secret bit about how our public broadcaster is actually campaigning to change the country is out in the open, it’s noteworthy to see that men are now under represented as interviewees and contributors on their ABC.

Given that their ABC thinks gender is just a social construct and biology and anatomy play no determining role, the assessment process must be quite something to behold.

Do you have to declare how you identify before you apply for a job or do they just make the call based on your fashion choices and haircut?

Of course, such an approach would be either bigoted or judgmental, both sins under the church of woke….not judging, just saying.

I will also point out that according to the luvvies at the ABC, there are more than two genders (some say as many as 51) which makes this woke media behemoth a genderist organisation.

But they are working to expand their range of merit-less quota bias.

Flush from their success in choosing gender over talent, they are moving into the equality space.

The 50:50 project is going to have more people from linguistically diverse communities, indigenous Australians and people with a disability.

I just want to point out there is an entire channel devoted to indigenous issues…it’s called NITV. We also have an entire taxpayer network for culturally and linguistically diverse communities…it’s known as SBS.

As a taxpayer who chips in some of the more than $500 million in annual funding to these channels that I don’t watch, I am not sure why they need additional representation on the $1 billion behemoth that I don’t watch either.

What is odd though. In the self - congratulatory report there is no mention of editorial diversity.

This is despite the words of one of their advocates, Carol Schwartz, in the 50:50 report.

Equal representation always matters – it supports critical thinking, diversity in thought and ultimately better outcomes for all.

The ABC must represent the voices of all Australians”

Of course, equal representation of the voices of all Australians doesn’t apply to areas where the ABC doesn’t like what you have to say.

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