No Defenders of Net Zero

While some are pushing the impossible dream, there seem to be very few who are willing to publicly explain why.

No Defenders of Net Zero
Photo by Markus Spiske / Unsplash

The Australian Parliament signed an economic death warrant for the country last week.

The climate change bill, which won’t actually do anything to change the climate, was passed with the support of Labor, the Greens and the potty mouth Senator for the ACT David Pocock.


It legislates a 43% reduction in emissions by 2030 which is part of the impossible policy of net zero by 2050.

I say impossible because, as we have discussed here before, achieving that goal globally will cost an estimated $150 trillion USD according to the Bank of America.

It would require more mining, more steel and more rare minerals than we have any chance of securing.

While none of the current crop of politicians will be in office when that 2050 mirage is missed, many will be around to see the legislated 43% target fail.

Try as they might,  the only means of achieving this target is by effectively destroying Australia’s economy and/or seriously compromising our way of life.

We already have an electricity crisis in this country due to idiotic climate policy.

Now these mob of fools expect us to embrace electric vehicles which, consistent with the recent californian experience, we’ll be asked not to charge.

Does our future under the green new deal include electricity rationing like in the USA, Europe and the UK? Do we expect our power bills to rise ten fold like has happened over there?

Will our govt pump billions into subsidising the electricity generators while also pumping billions into erecting the monuments to stupidity known as wind turbines and solar panels?

I posed a similar question on Twitter recently asking:

Is there anywhere on earth where a civilised society has been built, sustained and powered by anything other than fossil fuels?

The responses demonstrated just how ignorant and stupid the climate change left are.

Some fools nominate Iceland as the green utopian claiming it was powered 100% by renewable energy.  

Of course they were lying. Icelandic cars still run on fossil fuels, their buildings use steel, their roads are asphalt and their produce arrives in ships and aircraft.

Other thickos nominates the ancient Roman, Inca, Mayan, or Egyptian civilisations.

To be fair, fossil fuels weren’t around then but slave labor was pretty popular. So were human sacrifices, man vs animal death sports and burying servants alive when their masters died.

That’s what the lefties think is civilised living.

They also have no concept of sustainability either as these empires all crashed and whatever is in their place today, they too depend on fossil fuels.

That’s just some examples of how dumb the discussion now is. We have idiots in parliament making promises that will cost you dearly, brainwashed fools publicly backing the case and billionaire rent seekers profiting all the way to the bank.

But that’s just my view, formed after 13 years of belling the cat on the climate lies of the left.

Incredibly, I couldn’t find someone in politics to come on my television show and support the net zero by 2050 policy - despite it being pushed by Liberals, Labor and Greens.

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