No Ceasefire

Israel will never accept a deal that allows the terrorist masterminds to remain in control of Gaza.

No Ceasefire
Photo by Austin Crick / Unsplash
There Can Be No Ceasefire in Gaza with Hamas in Power
A short, temporary ceasefire might be achievable, so long as it requires Hamas to release all of the remaining Israeli hostages it is holding. The Israeli people, irrespective of their political differences, will never accept any long-term deal that


ASIO reveals plot by retired politician to introduce a prime minister’s family member to foreign spies
An unnamed former Australian politician, who was successfully cultivated by an international spy ring, once suggested bringing a prime minister’s family member into contact with his foreign handlers.
Maths show supermarkets not to blame for cost-of-living crisis
Supermarkets have clearly become the poster children for alleged ‘price gouging’ behaviour in the cost-of-living saga.


How the Netherlands became a narco-state | The Spectator Australia
In a heavily-fortified Amsterdam courthouse known as The Bunker, Ridouan Taghi, the chieftain of the so-called ‘Mocro-Maffia’ (Moroccan mafia), and 16 of his henchmen learned their fate today.
EU tells citizens to further reduce gas consumption
Europeans must voluntarily reduce their gas consumption, or they will be required to do so, the European Council has said
Pakistan Piles Up More Corruption Charges Against Imran Khan
Former Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, already jailed on corruption charges, is indicted for taking real estate as bribes in 2018.

Business, Finance & Investment

Gold back in favor as Gen Z buys
Gold is witnessing a resurgence in popularity, with the precious metal reclaiming its allure this year, driven by the country’s younger generation.
The Stock Market Is Broken, Unstable And Dangerous
The following commentary is the opening salvo to my latest bear newsletter. In the last issue I updated my work on $NVDA and $TSLA plus two homebuilder stocks and I reviewed $CVNA’s earnings…


Study Largely Confirms Known, Rare COVID-19 Vaccine Side Effects -
An international study of around 99 million people confirmed known serious side effects of COVID-19 vaccination. It also identified a possible relationship between the first dose of the Moderna vaccine and a small risk of a neurological condition. Social media posts about the study left out information on the vaccines’ benefits and the rarity of the side effects.
Hunter Biden appears before Congress as impeachment inquiry reaches its climax
The first son’s widely anticipated impeachment deposition marks a significant development of the House’s impeachment inquiry into President Biden.
The Left Demands Millions of Human Sacrifices to Appease the Gods of Climate Change
“At their Monday night poker game in hell,” writes Mark Steyn, “I’ll bet Stalin, Hitler, and Mao are kicking themselves. ‘It’s about leaving a better planet for our children?’ Why didn’t we think o…

Crypto & Blockchain

Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Bitcoin Nears BTC/AUD All-Time High Amid Market Surge
The global strength of the USD as the reserve currency is mentioned as a significant factor influencing Bitcoin’s performance.
Asymmetric Financial has a plan to unlock Bitcoin’s trillion-dollar potential with dedicated DeFi fund | TechCrunch
As the digital asset industry picks up steam again, some crypto funds are looking to home in on specific sectors. Crypto fund Asymmetric Financial is


Prof says ‘all hell broke loose’ at Harvard after his study found no racial bias in police shootings
Roland Fryer recently detailed the extreme backlash he says he faced for releasing findings that contradict popular left-wing narratives on policing.

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