Natural Immunity

Old news for some, but it is nice to see it finally recognised. Here's your daily news digest for 13 April 2023.

Natural Immunity
Photo by Luke Michael / Unsplash
Swiss Government Admits Natural Immunity to COVID More Effective Than Jab
The government of Switzerland will no long recommend the COVID for Swiss citizens, admitting that natural immunity is the best defense.


Australia’s Future with Tony Abbott: Critical Leadership from Dutton on Canberra Voice
Tony Abbott shares his unique insights into the Voice to Parliament debate, including in relation to the decision of Opposition Leader Peter Dutton to oppose Labor’s proposed Voice to Parliament…
Politics with Michelle Grattan: Professor Marcia Langton on the Voice’s powers and potential
In this podcast, Michelle Grattan and Professor Marcia Langton discuss the Voice to Parliament and constitutional recognition for First Nations Australians
Simon Birmingham the latest Liberal party frontbencher who will not campaign against Indigenous voice
Senator’s show of reluctance comes after Julian Leeser resigned as shadow attorney general over referendum stance


Russia’s Rise
The West’s sweeping sanctions on Russia following its invasion of Ukraine are shaping up to be the West’s most monumental miscalculation in modern history. The sanctions have not brought the Russian economy to its knees, as was wide…
The shameful silence on the West Bank massacre
Three British women were slaughtered by a terrorist, and the British elites look the other way.
Brits cut back on luxuries – Barclays
UK households have cut non-essential spending and restaurant meals due to soaring prices, data has shown

Business, Finance & Investment

Central Bank Digital Currencies: Funny Money That Will Destroy What Is Left of Private Property, Free Markets, and Personal Liberty
[E]ven when you have followed every law to the letter and paid every fee to the cent, there is still no guarantee that government agents will not later invoke eminent domain laws to swipe what you own because they believe they can use your private
70% of Americans are feeling financially stressed, new CNBC survey finds
Inflation, economy-wide instability and rising interest rates are putting stress on U.S. adults.
Investor lending down nearly 40% in Qld
An investment executive has raised the alarm that property investing is collapsing in the Sunshine State.


Why Politicized Science is Dangerous ⋆ Brownstone Institute
What Crichton emphasizes is the importance of rejecting politicized science and insisting that governments and researchers follow the actual science.
Verified Hate: ‘Arrested for Memes’
It would be comforting if facts and reason could convince everyone. Unfortunately, that’s not the world we live in. Consider the number of people who spread the following: This isn’t true. The polic…
Column: CNN’s ‘Fact Checker’ Is Stuck on Correcting Trump
It’s amazing that CNN CEO Chris Licht once came to the Capitol to meet with congressional Republicans in an effort to rebuild trust, as if CNN was going to change. It hasn’t. You can’t just claim anything’s changed. Well, you can if you want to look like you haven’t watched five minutes of CNN. Medi…

Crypto & Blockchain

Middle Class To Be Crushed As BRICS Nations Move Away From US Dollar, Says Bitcoin Bull Robert Kiyosaki - The Daily Hodl
Rich Dad Poor Dad author Robert Kiyosaki thinks US President Joe Biden is “crushing the middle class” as US political and macroeconomic policies drive de-dollarization around the world.
Easy Crypto - The world’s choice for crypto
The world’s favourite place to buy and sell Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Delivery in less than 2 minutes, easiest order process, and we’re open 24/7.
Hong Kong virtual bank to offer crypto conversions and accounts: Report
Hong Kong virtual bank ZA Bank is reportedly set to offer account services to crypto firms and act as a settlement bank to allow token deposits at exchanges to be withdrawn.


How One Undercover FBI Agent Infiltrated BLM and the Militia Movement | The Libertarian Institute
In August 2020, an FBI undercover agent code-named “Red” unsuccessfully tried to foment a plot to assassinate Colorado’s attorney general. The next month, an FBI undercover agent with the same code-name and physical description played a major role in the conspiracy to kidnap Michigan Gov. Gretchen W…

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