More Climate Chaos for Business

Without any credible policy solutions to build prosperity, the government continues to create more problems for Australian business.

More Climate Chaos for Business
Photo by Jon Tyson / Unsplash

Now that the Voice distraction is behind us, the country needs to turn its attention to the damage the government has been doing behind the scenes.

When you lift the veil, it's not a pretty site and portends that pain for consumers and businesses lie ahead.

Chief among them is the irrational and unachievable net-zero climate target.

Behind the scenes, everyone involved knows it can't be done, but so many are making so much money that few want the money-go-round to stop.

That's why companies are involved in 'greenwashing'.

That's the term applied to the money laundering equivalent of their carbon commitments. They know they need to play the climate game, not because it will make any difference to the temperature, but because the activists demand it.

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