More Bad News for Republicans

The Republican senate majority is under threat and that means the Democrats could soon control all the levers of US Federal politics

More Bad News for Republicans

This time I am not writing directly about the lying and cheating Democrats. But I still have some interesting news.

If we assume that Biden becomes President, the Democrats will have the numbers in the house but not in the Senate. There, the Republicans are expected to have a two seat majority. That impasse is supposedly going to protect the United States from the radical agenda attached to the Democratic Party.

Their agenda includes packing the supreme court, tax hikes, making everything 'equal', the Green New Deal and a raft of other socialist policies.

So thank goodness for the Republican majority in the Senate you might think. Well thats what I think even if not all the Republicans have the same strength of character to resist voting with the Democrats.

However, there is a risk to that situation.

In Georgia, there are two Senators up for election. It is two this time because there has been a resignation. The good news is that both frontrunners are Republicans - which delivers the majority.

The bad news is that they'll be back to an election in January 2021.

Georgia rules state that the Senators must receive an absolute majority of votes (50 percent plus one). In the event that no candidate does achieve that the field is reduced to two and they have a run-off election.

Right now, no candidate has achieved that marker. That means a run-off is going to take place a couple of weeks before Inauguration day.

If the Republicans lose both races then the Democrats will have a majority in both houses plus the Presidency. Even if they only lose one, then the margin is wafer thin and a single defection would give Kamala Harris the casting vote in a tied Senate.

Either scenario is really bad news for freedom lovers.

When you consider the questionable tactics enlisted by an opposition Party during a Presidential election, imagine what is possible when they have the hands on all the levers of political power.

It is simply horrifying and means the election nightmare might not be over yet!

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