Money, Money, Money

If you follow the money you usually find the motivation. A recent event suggests things could get much worse if The Voice referendum succeeds.

Money, Money, Money
Photo by Cullan Smith / Unsplash

There's a famous political saying that you should never get between a Premier and a bucket of money.

The advice doesn't just apply to politicians but to most individuals and organisations that live off the public purse.

It's one of the reasons so many elites are pushing for the Voice. Many stand to directly or indirectly benefit as the cash sloshes around in the system.

There's already a lot of money invested into the Aboriginal industry in this country. The government dollar spent per Aboriginal person is more than double that spent on other citizens.

It would be even higher if we counted only true Aboriginals rather than the census box tickers. Then there are the tax-free royalty payments and other benefits flowing into relatively few hands.

Add the ubiquitous fees for smoking ceremonies, welcome to countries, street names and word use, and an entire industry has been created from next to nothing.

Little wonder arguments are emerging over claims to the spoils of ancestry.

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