Misusing Public Office

The scandalous abuse of office attached to the US Democrats has far reaching consequences for the US Presidential election.

Misusing Public Office

It seems the US Democrats will stop at nothing to prevent Donald Trump from winning another term as President.

They have mounted a four year campaign of lies, fake news and civil unrest because they couldn't handle the 2016 election result. Their actions have sowed the seeds for potentially the most violent and compromised election in US history.

Today marked a significant new strike that only demonstrates they are prepared to do whatever it takes - including misusing any public office.

The New York Attorney General has lodged a lawsuit seeking to disband the National Rifle Association (NRA) citing questionable expenditure and misuse of organisation funds.

I have no idea how the NRA spends their money and I don't really care. That is a matter for the organisation and their members. If there has been inappropriate or unauthorised spending, then they can take whatever remedies (legal or otherwise) are available to them.

It is worth noting that the law suit makes many allegations against NRA officers does not include criminal charges.

This makes me very suspicious of the true motives behind this latest move. I suspect it has nothing to do with lavish executive spending and everything to do with political spending.

You see, the NRA are possibly the best 'get out to vote' campaigners in America. Their reach and funding can change electoral outcomes.

One commentator estimated they spent around $100 million in 2016 supporting President Trump. I understand they were set to do something similar this year.

On top of the money, they can communicate directly with millions of motivated members who are passionate supporters of their second amendment rights.

This makes them dangerous to the anyone but Trump Democrats.

The law suit filed today, less than three months from election day. means focus for the NRA will be defending itself rather than defending the country from the socialist scourge.

It is so blatantly a political stunt that it beggars belief.

But there is a rich history of Democrats misusing office over the past four years.

Democratic operatives in the FBI and Justice Department have been found to have compromised protocols in their dodgy pursuit to prove Trump colluded with Russian hackers. State Governors have been grinding their economies to a halt so they can blame Trump. Democratic Mayors have endorsed lawlessness and campaigns of destruction in order to damage the President.

It all shows just how much the modern American left hate their own country. They are prepared to destroy the institutions and freedoms that have made the United States such an amazing nation just so they can hold the levers of power.

Once again, their behaviour demonstrates just how important a Trump re-election is to the future of the United States. When you see what the Democrat Party demagogue's will do in pursuit of the Presidency, imagine the abuse of office should they get it back.

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