Mendicants of the State

The latest move to protect the people is really about more command and control. This time they're targeting our self-sufficiency.

Mendicants of the State
Photo by James Wainscoat / Unsplash

The war on farming has just lifted a notch.

We've already seen climate alarmists demanding farmers reduce or stop using fertilisers.

There have already been proposed culls of cows to stop their methane emissions, and the rabid greens are locking up ever more agricultural land for insane wind and solar projects.

Naturally, our old bogeyman, Bill Gates, is at the epicentre of this move.

He's apparently the largest holder of farmland in America but still wants the fake meat movement to replace something entirely more natural.

“Cows have a digestion system that emits methane. We need to change cows and work towards artificial meat.”
Bill Gates

Not content with controlling the Internet and personal freedom, the likes of Gates now appear intent on controlling the food supply.

What better way to control the great unwashed than to have complete control on their ability to feed themselves?

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