Marx Madness

When the madness of marxism catches hold, society takes a backwards step.

Marx Madness

You are forgiven if you missed some exciting news over the easter weekend.

While normal people were enjoying a long weekend or religious observance, the godless worshippers of Karl Marx held their annual conference.

A multi day and multi city event it featured such topics as: The History of the Communist Party in Australia, Imperialism Today, Organising for Revolution and that perennial dinner party conversation, Liberalism vs Marxism.

The conference featured a who’s who of Marxist entertainment with several international speakers.

My personal favourite, actually one of only a couple I’d ever heard of, was a bloke named Mike Jackson.

He’s the co-founder of “Lesbians and Gays support the miners” which was formed to:

“support miners during the 1984-85 miners’ strike – the longest strike in British history. Miners were fighting Thatcher’s plans to close coal pits, leaving tens of thousands of workers on the scrap heap.

LGSM went on to raise more money than any other support group, and the solidarity between lesbian, gay, and bisexual people and the striking miners reverberated through British society.

I only knew about them because I watched an entertaining film about it once.

How far Marxism has come since then. Now they oppose mining in any form and have turned their back on the hundreds of thousands of jobs it creates.

Another known name was Roz Ward whom you might know as the inventor of the misnamed ‘safe schools program’. That’s the one that teaches kids how to bind their chests and tuck their appendages.

Ward openly admitted that safe schools wasn’t really an anti-bullying program but more about neo-marxist indoctrination and overthrowing capitalism.

Ward works at La Trobe University, where one of their emeritus professors, Judith Brett, recently launched a scathing attack on the coalition government blaming them for ‘deep seated’ hostilities towards the arts and humanities.

An alternative view is that the reason the arts and humanities are now shunned by students and employers alike is:

“because of the destructive impact of neo-Marxist critical theory intent on imposing cultural-left group think based on a rainbow alliance of radical philosophies ranging from postmodernism, deconstructionism to radical feminist, gender and postcolonial theories.”

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