Man of Steel

Finally a leader has shown some spine and is standing up to the myopic media.

Man of Steel

Bravo Michael McCormack!

The acting PM has finally found a spine and speaking truth to the warriors of woke.  His words have caused an outrage of course – mostly because they are true.

The modern media hates the truth. They’d rather gather the claims that support their own views and complies with their colleagues so they can gain a PC merit badge.

It’s kind of like the boy scouts for partisan political hacks.

If you echo your colleagues thoughts and report everything according to your feelings, then you get invited to the next meeting of the ‘not the facts’ club.

If you are a really compliant little scout you could even find yourself invited on to their ABC or maybe even laugh at your own BS on the Project.

But back to McCormack and his crimes against the media.

He labelled the BLM movement a “protest over race riots.”

That got Amnesty international up in arms…but aren’t they always. Well that’s not true. They never seem to complain about Libya or China heading up the human rights committee at the UN…but I digress.

McCormack was technically wrong about BLM. They aren’t a protest. They are a Marxist subversive race supremacist movement that inspired looting, bashings, riots and murder. It should be renamed the Black Losers Movement.

Undeterred by the snowflakes at Amnesty, McCormack doubled down on the truth and said:

“Any form of violence, any form of protest that ends in death and destruction, is abhorred,”

“Any form of protest, whether it’s a protest over racial riots or indeed what we’ve seen on Capitol Hill in recent days, is condemned and is abhorred.”

But aren’t black losers riots and white losers riots different the media challenged the deputy PM?

“It involves violence. It involves the destruction of property. It involves deaths of people, and any violence of that form is condemned,”

Well, that tipped off the sleepy opposition who insisted that speaking the truth was a “a stupendous and outrageous failure of leadership”.

Credit where credit is due.

If anyone would know what  the stupendous and outrageous failure of political leadership looks like,  it’s a labor apparatchik

That stirred another sewer stirrer, with Greens outrage spokeshuman  claiming McCormack was engaging in ‘post truth politics’ .

Hmmm… a post truth lecture from a group that thinks there is no biological  difference between a male and a female rings a little false to me.

But McCormack wasn’t for turning. Perhaps inspired by the useful idiots he was provoking McCormack put injected even more steel into his spine.

The fact is there was violence, there was destruction, there was uninsured property that business owners then had to dig deep into their own pockets to rebuild,"

"And then, of course, there are lives lost. I appreciate there are a lot of people out there who are being a bit bleeding-heart about this and who are confecting outrage, but they should know that those lives matter, too.

"All lives matter."

Danger, Danger Trigger Warning…All Lives Matter!!!!!

On cue, the director of Human Rights Watch pops up.

“What a cheap, divisive and dangerous political stunt”

Unfortunately that statement is accurate. Telling the truth is now divisive and dangerous which leads the triggered lefties to pursue cheap political stunts.

The next day, the now increasingly popular McCormack dared to take a broadside at the luvvies in the media.

"Facts sometimes are contentious, aren’t they? And what you may think is right, somebody else might think is completely untrue. And that’s part of living in a democratic country,"

Some of what my colleague puts up on Facebook is very much true, but the people on Twittersphere, they don't always like it. You know, toughen up, I say.

He should have added Princess to the toughen up line but that would have triggered a furious non-binary choose your own gender debate.

One outrage at a time for the newly minted McCormack, man of steel is probably wise.

He even managed to rally the troops with Nationals Senator and Patriot Matt Canavan telling the gobsmacked morning hosts on commercial television

"I agree with Michael McCormack on all those things," "He had a great day because he spoke common sense. You cop criticism in this country these days for speaking common sense."

“The Black Lives Matter movement is a completely debased organisation in the United States," Senator Canavan said. "They've been responsible for untold damage

It’s good to know that common sense is contagious. It just takes one person with the guts to speak truth to the self-indulgent tripe of the illiberal media and then have their colleagues to back them in to make a real difference.

The left have long known there is safety in numbers. It’s time the right of the political spectrum did too.

Stop trying to appease the people who will never work for you, never vote for you and never give you a fair go. Every time you do, you are simply helping your political enemy.

Instead, speak truth to power and don’t get all mealy mouthed when hit with the confected outrage. Stick to your guns and keep calling them out on the lies and hypocrisy.

Even if you don’t win every battle, at least you’ll be doing the country a favour.

We need more of this from Michael McCormack and other political leaders. Let’s hope his early example is a shape of things to come in 2021.

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