Make Australia Safe Again

Already labouring under increased costs and bureaucracy, Australian businesses are facing a wave of crime that goes unpunished. It's time to Make Australia Safe Again.

Make Australia Safe Again
Photo by Kenny Eliason / Unsplash

I had the pleasure of meeting with a group of business people recently.

While some operated rather large enterprises, they all started out as solopreneurs and are still dependent on serving the public to earn their income.

There was the usual conversation about the high cost of building a business in this country where myriad regulations and a seemingly endless stream of taxes, levies and other imposts all take their financial toll.

We also covered the difficulty in finding staff willing to turn up regularly and put in a day's work without being distracted by their phones.

It turns out that many of those prepared to do that work were from foreign lands and were temporarily living in Australia.

An interesting aside is that many of those successful men and women were migrants to this country who had a similar story.

They got a job, worked hard, bought or started a business, and the success came.

The harder they worked, the more success they enjoyed.

It was a positive experience to be around and learn from such a group of people.

What wasn't so good was the other concern they all shared: crime is out of control.

The stories of degenerates (and others) walking into convenience stores or supermarkets, loading up their backpacks or an entire trolley and simply walking out were breathtaking.

The staff couldn't do anything and if the police were called they 'never came'.

Some offenders became so well known that the store had their names and addresses, which were provided to police, but no charges were ever laid.

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