LGB Drop the 'T'

The transgender movement is now in the firing line of some rainbow warriors. It's about time.

LGB Drop the 'T'
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon / Unsplash

It's only been a matter of time until the left-leaning activists start to turn on themselves.

After years spent trying to silence and cancel their conservative critics, the shrinking violets on the right have already capitulated to their demands.

Those of us who remain defiant simply don't care about their demands.

With fewer targets on the right they look among their own for another victim.

Their latest is the transgender crowd who have pretty-much hijacked the homosexual lobby (LGB).

Over the years, the LGB lobby have fought genuine injustice in a battle for acceptance. Some very hard yards were done in very difficult circumstances.

However, as with most revolutionary projects, even substantive gains are never enough and more subsets of the identity lobby continued to append themselves to the LGBs, forever altering the ethos behind it.

That's how they ended up (thus far) as the LGBTQIA+ lobby.

The plus sign saves them running out of consonants and vowels to use as the rainbow mafia try to change our society and force everyone into compliance with an increasingly freaky agenda they are trying to push.

That's how we came to have the poison of the transgender movement dominating social conversation.

Just because you believe you are something other than your physical self, doesn't make it so. We apply that principle to so many areas of body dysmorphia that I am unsure why blokes thinking they are women ( or vice versa) is treated differently.

No normal person thinks it is ok for a biological man to pretend they are a woman and enter women's safe spaces, be imprisoned with women or compete against them in sport. It's just plain stupid.

Now some within the homosexual lobby are trying to disassociate themselves with the trans activists. Some are even brave enough to take their case to social media.

Peter Heck summed it up pretty well in a recent article.

Transgenderism relies entirely upon the non-existence of a gender binary, assuming a sliding scale of gender identity that denies there even is such thing as truly "male" or truly "female." Needless to say, there can be no gay man if there is no such thing as a man. There can be no lesbian if there is no such thing as a woman.

It's particularly fascinating to see the reference to the 'slippery slope' from one activist.

Those of us who warned of the dangers of sacrificing common sense for identity politics have been mocked and derided for using that argument.

History repeatedly demonstrates it isn't a fallacious claim but a natural condition of human nature to desire more. Once one want is satisfied, another grows in its place.

This is particularly egregious in matters relating to culture where hasty mistakes are very hard to redress.

I think that's where the LGB movement now find themselves.

They have allowed their influence to be hijacked by an extreme fringe who groom children from a young age, who endorse irreversible procedures on emotionally unstable youth and who demand society accept their ridiculous claims as entirely normal.

It's not only the LGB movement that are fed up with it.

Many of the rest of us are also tired of feigning this pronoun trans-identity rubbish is normal.

Teaching kids to choose from hundreds of pronouns and expecting society to respect their choice is just crazy.

Those that demand such concessions are certainly odd while the regular person who goes along with it, while knowing it is ridiculous, are even more culpable.

For whatever reasons the LGB lobby is waking up to how dangerous this is and it's high time the rest of us did too.

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