Lethality and Survivability

A new investment fund has ditched PC and pronouns to focus on defence lethality and survivability.

Lethality and Survivability
Photo by Specna Arms / Unsplash

Entrepreneur and former Shark Tank judge Steve Baxter has discussed the importance of investing in Australia’s defence technology as an enemy can’t be stopped with “harsh language alone”.

One of Mr Baxter’s latest projects is a venture capital fund titled ‘Beaten Zone’.

“Given some work I’ve done with the Australian Department of Defence and mostly Army over the last seven or eight years I’ve found a large amount of latent opportunity in the defence technology space.”

Mr Baxter said his project is looking to invest in businesses that support defence enterprises.

“So soldiers, sails and airmen if they have to do their job can’t stop the enemy with harsh language alone – war is essentially robust men carrying heavy things and we back the companies that make the heavy things.”

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